MotoGP: “I feel like Alberto Puig just wants Marc Marquez to get back on the bike and go fast again,” but who said that?

Marc Marquez has therefore fallen back into the hellish cycle of injury and recovery, a painful streak that began in July 2020 in Jerez with the fracture of the right humerus, after a fall at the Spanish Grand Prix. But exactly, and as Marc Marquez himself suggested when he learned that he was suffering from diplopia for the third time after a concussion, we have this unpleasant impression of “déjà-vu”, without a wit in the eye of pathology. As if we have learned absolutely nothing from these experiences with the pilot, the man, his entourage and his team. And it’s starting to get people talking in the middle who are worried about how it could all end at this rate…

During the low season we heard a Mark Marquez gave a speech full of wisdom, swearing he would not take any more reckless risks on the track. Bee Qatar, the first Grand Prix of the year, we thought we could confirm these intentions with the eight-time world champion’s fifth-place finish, aware at the time that he didn’t have the resources to do better. But in Indonesia, everything was forgotten. A Honda too far back for various reasons woke the Mark Marquez forever, the one who never resigns. Results ? A real bloodbath: four falls, two in six minutes during Q1 and a monumental volume during the warm-up that allows him to find the joys of diplopia today. So the same causes stubbornly cause the same effects.

However, it is starting to do a lot and for some it is already too much. Pilots believe that Mark Marquez has to change software if he doesn’t want to do more damage to himself and thus give himself the chance to extend his prolific career for a few more years. This is the case of John McGuinness, a competitor who knows very well what it is like to get injured and above all to always drive at the limit. However, you won’t win the Isle of Man TT 23 times if you don’t know how to be smart and accept when to push or cut.

On the website CMNthe Brit says someone has to take care of it Mark Marquezand urgent: we can’t forget all he has achieved, the world titles he won, but someone has to take care of Marc Márquez, because something is wrongIt’s like a cable has come loose somewhere. Is it due to previous accidents? His vision? His attention? But these accidents, it’s not acceptable, it’s better than that

the husband of 49 year is aware that there will come a time when the body of Márquez ” can’t take it anymore “especially since his diplopia seems to be triggered every time the Catalan receives a violent blow to the head:” after this fall during the warm-up he looked like a child who had had enough. I would hate to see him quit the sport because he got too many blows to the head. Someone should say a word to him at some point† It’s like he has to pull himself together

Marc Marquez can’t enjoy what’s happening to him, and I don’t think anyone likes seeing what he’s doing to himself.

Despite his serious injury to his right arm and the vision problems Marc has had in recent months, McGuinness believes #93 keeps rolling “over the limit all the time” “, a strategy that” worked for him in the past but doesn’t work for him now. He had four accidents last weekend and the last one was serious. Whatever your level, whether you are an amateur or a MotoGP rider, you have to ask yourself questions when something like this happens

And these questions, the Repsol Honda Team director, Alberto Puig she should ask just as much. McGuiness clearly designates him as the person who may need to calm the eight-time world champion’s nerves: ” I feel like Alberto Puig just wants him to get back on the bike and go fast again, but he needs to get his confidence back. Taking care of him is a bit like opening Pandora’s box, but if a driver crashes constantly, something has to be done

McGuinness admits to be being worried about ” in front of Mark Marquezespecially after seeing what happened on Saturday during Q1 of the Indonesian Grand Prix: on Saturday he returned to the pits after a crash and a few laps after returning to the track he crashed again in the same corner. It’s not right, he looks like a desperate person ” the Briton explained, aware that the Spaniard ” would have ended up in pieces » if he did not wear a combination with an airbag during his fall in the warm-up.

Far from criticizing the style of Mark MarquezJohn McGuinness asks the Cervera native to rethink his approach to racing and take better risks to continue to capitalize on the greatest talent Spanish and international motorcycling has spawned over the past decade: ” it’s sad to see that because he’s one of the best, and when he’s at his best you can’t take your eyes off him. But he can’t appreciate what’s happening to him, and I don’t think anyone likes to see what he does to himself

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