new red flag during Australian GP qualifying


Leclerc ahead! Fortunately for him, Charles Leclerc completed his fast lap before Alonso’s accident and dominated this Q3 with a best time of 1’18”239.


THE CRASH FOR ALONSO! The Spanish driver lost his car’s hydraulics, his engine failed and the world champion made a mistake. Red flag in this Q3


Q3 has resumed for a few minutes! And for now it’s Perez who gets the best time in 1’18’398″


Stroll’s reaction to the incident on the track

“Nicky let me pass in the front corner, after I looked at the cars around me. When Nicky tried to pass again, the track turns really well. It’s a really bizarre incident. I think the timing was really terrible for both of them.”


The classification at the end of Q2

The battle for pole is between Ferrrai and Red Bull for pole after Q1 and Q2 dominated by Red Bull.


The eliminated from Q2:
11. Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri)
12. Valtteri Bottas (Alpha Romeo)
13. Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri)
14. Guanyu Zhou (Alpha Romeo)
15. Mick Schumacher (Haas)


Unfortunately, Pierre Gasly failed to improve his time and was eliminated first in this Q2. The Alpha Romeos are also eliminated.

9:00 am

It’s over for this Q2 and Estaban Ocon goes to Q3!


🇬🇧 The French in battle to win Q3
The two French drivers are battling to climb to Q3. Esteban Ocon is currently the first to be eliminated in this 11th Q2. While Pierre Gasly is 10th behind the wheel of his Alpha Tauri.


The Red Bulls ahead!
Mexican driver Sergio Perez takes control ahead of his teammate now 2 tenths of his 1’18”340.


Alonso 2nd!! The Alpine is very comfortable on the Melbourne circuit and the Spanish driver, who knows the Australian circuit well, takes advantage of his experience to set a very good time just 2 tenths behind the Dutchman.


Verstappen is currently the best time as in Q1! The drivers put on soft tires for this second session.


The drivers are back on track for Q2!

08:45 a.m.

🎙Nicholas Latifi’s response

“I saw the incident on video confirming it wasn’t my fault. There was space inside. He was in the background and then he pointed at me. I let him pass because I thought he was attacking. I got out of the way, but when I saw that he was slowing down, I took my position. It’s really a shame.”


The position at the end of Q1

The Red Bulls dominate this first session.


The eliminated from Q1:
16. Alexander Albon (Williams)
17. Kevin Magnussen (Haas)
18. Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)

19. Nicholas Latifi (Williams)
20. Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)


Unfortunately, Vettel was able to set a time for the four-time world champion, which is not enough and he will be eliminated in Q1 and will start 18th in the race on Sunday.


Sebastian Vettel finally comes out of the pits after his crash in free practice 3. Can he reach Q2?


The drivers are back on track with Daniel Ricciardo leading the pack! They have less than 2 minutes to beat their time and try to reach Q2.


The session will resume in a few minutes, with the drivers waiting in the pit lane to get back on track.


The video of the crash between Lance Stroll and Nicholas Latifi


The marshals are trying to clear the Albert Park circuit as quickly as possible so that the session can resume as soon as possible.


Accident between Lance Stroll and Nicholas Latifi! The Aston Martin driver did not leave much room for the Williams driver who was hit by his compatriot. Red flag in this Q1!


🇬🇧 Update on the French!

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon is currently in 8th place, more than a second behind Verstappen, who has taken control of Q1. Pierre Gasly is in 12th position, 1.5 seconds behind the Dutch driver.


🔴 Canadian Nicholas Latifi hits the wall and damages his Williams at the same time


The Ferraris are always ahead!

Carlos Sainz took the lead in this session ahead of the final pole man of the season Sergio Perez and Charle Leclerc.


Leclerc in front from his first appearance

The Monegask took control of this Q1. He is ahead of British pilot Lando Norris and Japanese Yuki Tsunoda.


🏁 The drivers come out of their pits one after the other, the serious work begins!


This weekend a helmet in the colors of Australia for Valtteri Bottas


⏱ Only 5 minutes left before the start of qualifying!


Mercedes in trouble again this weekend!


A new anti-jewelry measure mocked by Lewis Hamilton

In Formula 1, drivers are not allowed to wear jewelry during races. They recently had a recall from the International Automobile Federation (FIA). This did not fail to respond, with humor, to the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). More information below


Max Vestappen’s spin in the last free practice


The third free practice was not equally successful for everyone…

Both Aston Martin drivers ended up in the wall in the third free practice session. Qualifying promises to get complicated for the greens.


To know everything about the route of the weekend!

The Albert Park circuit in Australia entered the Formula 1 world championship calendar in 1996.


Looking back at Friday’s free training sessions

After his teammate Carlos Sainz Jr, Monegasque Charles Leclerc dominated in the first session the second free practice of the Australian Grand Prix, the third round of the Formula 1 World Championship.



Welcome to our site to follow the Australian Grand Prix qualifying live. This is the third race of this 2022 season after the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Grands Prix.

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