Overwhelmed by the Yellow Submarine, the Bavarians were knocked out! – Dbrief and COMMENTS from the players (Bayern 1-1 Villarreal) – Football

Bayern Munich were overtaken in the 88th minute after making up for their late goal (1-1), and were knocked out by Villarreal, author of a resounding performance on Tuesday in the quarter-finals of the second leg of the Champions League.


Goretzka, Coman and Bayern in the middle of a nightmare…

What a disappointment for Bayern Munich! While he had managed to reach his goal behind and we were heading for extra time, the German cador was caught by Villarreal (1-1) in the 88th minute on Tuesday and was eliminated again in the quarter-finals of the second leg of the match. Champions League! Very realistic, unlike their opponent, the Spaniards draw a great performance.

The Allianz Arena on fire

It took a few minutes for the Rotens, aligned in their very attacking 3-4-2-1, to come into play, but then their dominance was total, as you’d expect. In a sold-out Allianz Arena, we witnessed a real siege of the Spanish camp and crosses rained down on Rulli’s goal, who somehow managed to clear several times.

Bayern continues, but…

However, Julian Nagelsmann’s men missed the lead to make the difference in the last 30 meters against brave visitors who managed to break the rhythm well, and the only real chance was for Musiala whose powerful header penetrated Rulli. Without solution and agacs, the Bavarians expressed their frustration by engaging in unusual bad gestures, the image of Lewandowski and Goretzka. Serenely, the Yellow Submarine followed its plan to the letter and kept looking for the slightest counterattack: Danjuma was signaled offside just before half time, while Moreno found the side net.

Chukwueze is sending the Germans to hell!

But on the return from the dressing room, the German pressure was further increased. As Upamecano’s shot escaped the frame, a missed raise from Parejo took advantage of Lewandowski, until then transparent, who tied the two teams in both games with a surgical strike (1-0, 52nd). There was a fire in the Spanish area and Mller missed the break twice. The Unai Emery tie was about to break and had let the storm pass and, after an initial warning on a shot that was too crossed from Danjuma, Moreno serves Chukwueze who crucified Neuer and Bayern at the end of a counter (1 -1.88e). What a denouement! Indeed, it is the 7th in La Liga to have delivered the feat and will face the Liverpool-Benfica winner (3-1 first leg) in the semi-finals!

The score of the match: 7/10

Marked by Bayern’s sterile domination, many protests, a few bad shots and few chances, the first period was not the most enjoyable despite the crazy atmosphere in the stands. But the second act turned out to be much more exciting with the awakening of Bayern, finally engulfed in this scenario of madness.

The goals:

– Parejo attempts a daring recovery in the ashes, intercepted by Coman. The ball returns to Goretzka who passes Mller. The German launches Lewandowski, who fixes in front of the ground and fires a precise shot from the right that goes between Torres’ legs, beating Rulli using the post (1-0, 52nd).

– On a clear counter, Parejo launches Moreno who finds Chukwueze on the far pole. In the area, the Nigerian closes with a recovery that leaves Neuer no chance (1-1, 88th).

COMMENTS from the players

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) of comments to each player.

Man of the match: Leon Goretzka (8/10)

Despite this draw that sealed the fate of his team, the midfielder, who replaced the first leg, proved ubiquitous. Author of a very big job in the press, the German chained the recoveries and his projections hurt the opposing side. In all the good shots, he specifically targeted two caviars Musiala and Mller who didn’t know how to close them on the full surface. Penultimate passer on Lewandowski’s goal.


Manuel Neuer (4): The goalkeeper has had frustrating evenings in his long career, but this one has reached new heights. The German had no stopping to make and bowed, utterly helpless, to the Spaniards’ only shot on target!

Benjamin Pavard (5): in great difficulty in the first leg, the central defender raised his head by making authoritative interventions that allowed to interrupt the attacks of the opposing team. The Frenchman projected himself reasonably well forward, but played poorly on the goal against.

Dayot Upamecano (5): Like Pavard, the Habs reacted well after their nightmare in the first leg and the central defender played a solid game for a long time, making sharp interventions, making the right gesture to ward off the danger on the hot balls from against opponents. He even gets a great chance to score after his return from the dressing room. But the Munich player is also grabbed by Moreno on the fatal goal.

Lucas Hernndez (6): Good at reading the game, the central defender delivered a boss game and brought a lot of rest, while drawing some interesting climbs. Replace the 87th minute with Alfonso Davies (0)† Doubly guilty of the conceded goal as he covers Chukwueze before being caught behind his back, the left side has a heavy responsibility in this elimination…

Joshua Kimmich (6): With Goretzka, the midfielder formed a very high-level double that was supreme in the midfield. Very aggressive on the ball carrier, the German multiplied the recoveries and drew returns that relieved his defense. His crosses in a position close to that of a right wing back, a new string on his bow, brought danger, but he generally lacked precision.

Leon Goretzka (8): Read the comment above.

Leroy San (4.5): Off-topic and completely amorphous in the first period, the right piston multiplied the bullet losses, without making the slightest difference. Suddenly more on his feet during the second period, the German then hit a lot more and created holes in the opposite wall. Still wake up late.

Thomas Muller (4.5): Even though he is a decisive passer for Lewandowski and in the shot on multiple combinations, the German misses two balls from 2-0 with serious consequences in the counter area. His assessment is a bit harsh, but symbolizes the lack of efficiency that caused Bayern’s departure. Replace the 90th minute with Eric Choupo-Moting (not not)

Jamal Musiala (6.5): Preferred Gnabry, the young midfielder proved his coach right. With an impressive chest for his age, the German scratched a lot of balls and jeopardized his projections. Too bad his head ends up on Rulli in the area in the first period. Replace the 82nd minute with Serge Gnabry (not)

Kingsley Coman (6): Gaining power over the course of the game, the left piston eventually took the upper hand over Foyth, who ended up having a real nightmare for him. His percussion and dribbling hurt the Spanish defense.

Robert Lewandowski (5): Completely wiped out by the opposing team for 45 minutes, the striker vented his frustration with a filthy sole that earned him a yellow card. But the Pole lets his efficiency speak for itself by surgically converting his first chance. His 13th and last goal in this European campaign. Still less inspired in the game than usual.


Gernimo Rulli (5.5): helpless against the goal because the goalkeeper was betrayed by his post, he took care for a long time at the start of the game to deflect the grazing crosses of the Germans. And he blocks Musiala’s head perfectly.

Juan Marcos Foyth (3): After holding down Coman quite well for 45 minutes, the left side was gradually fined by the French in the second period. The Argentinian can no longer close his lane at all and he is not unhappy about an eviction.

Ral Albiol (6): The veteran controlled Lewandowski in a remarkable way, even though the centre-back was at times his age in the second period and showed a slowdown in his mark as Bayern pushed.

Pau Torres (6): Solid in the duels, the central defender embodied the fighting spirit of the Spaniards, blocking or repelling many dangerous balls.

P. Estupin (5): Victim of a bad move by Goretzka, the left side fought a real battle. The Ecuadorian spent most of his time defending, but did quite well.

Giovani Lo Celso (5.5): Not as inspired as in the first leg, the Argentine still let his exceptional technical ability speak for itself to keep the ball on the counter while waiting to find his teammates. His assists resulted in his team’s best chances.

Etienne Capoue (7): The French delivered the combatant match his coach was waiting for. Full of selflessness, the midfielder often played the role of 3rd central defender to save the day. He also showed accuracy in his transmissions to counter the danger.

Daniel Parejo (5.5): Author of a risky raise, the midfielder with the quality of the pass, however feared, almost became the scapegoat of an entire club. But the Spaniard makes up for it in a very good way by excellently launching the counter that delivers the goal of qualifying! Replace the 90th minute with Serge Aurier (not not)

Francis Coquelin (5.5): slightly less visible than his compatriot Capoue in terms of playing volume, the other Frenchman from Villarreal delivered a serious match with interceptions that turned out well. Replace the 84th minute with Samuel Chukwueze (7)author 4 minutes later from the goal of the qualification on a gesture perfectly executed at the end of a cons.

Gerard Moreno (6): a good game for the striker, who spoke things up, didn’t rush and took the time to work out the blows well on the counters, such as his decisive pass for Chukwueze. A poison.

Danjuma (4.5): The only goalscorer in the first leg, the attacker was agile, mobile and available in counter attacks, but this time the Dutchman lacked efficiency. Replace the 84th minute with Alfonso Pedraza (not not)

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BAYERN MNCHEN 1-1 VILLARREAL (interim: 0-0) – CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – 1/4 final
Stadium: Allianz Arena, Munich – Referee: Slovenian Slavko Vincic

goals : R. Lewandowski (52nd) for BAYERN MUNICH – S. Chukwueze (88th) for VILLARREAL
Warnings R. Lewandowski (33rd)for BAYERN MNCHEN – J. Foyth (59th) G.Lo Celso (90+1st)for VILLARREAL

BAYERN MNCHENMr NeuerD.UpamecanoB. PavardL. Hernndez (A. Davies, 87th)J. KimmichL.GoretzkaL.SanT. Mller (E. Choupo-Moting, 90th)J. Musiala (S. Gnabry, 82nd)K. ComanR.Lewandowski

VILLARREALG. RullialbiolPaul TorresJ.FoythP. EstupinG. Lo CelsoE. CapuaDani Parejo (by Aurier, 90 + 3rd)F. Coquelin (Alfonso Pedraza, 84th)Gerard MorenoDanjuma (S. Chukwueze, 84th)

The Allianz Arena was sold out!

Rulli fended off Bayern’s vague attempts.

A big match from the French Capoue.

Lewandowski let Bayern loose (1-0, 52nd).

The incoming Chukwueze grabbed the equalizer and the qualification (1-1, 88th).

The perfect evening for Unai Emery!

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