Paris 2024 | The handball tournament back in Paris?

Photo credit: FF Handball / Icon Sport

No, you are not dreaming that we are good today April 9th. April 1 and its traditional fish are far behind us and yet we tend to err this morning when reading the columns of our colleagues from Parisian† Indeed, as the newspaper revealed in its sports pages this morning, handball could finally make its return to the capital for the 2024 Olympics in Paris and leave the Pierre Mauroy stadium in Lille… at least for the preparatory group stage!

After the confusion of the basketball tournament a few weeks ago, thanks in particular to the media release of the French player who plays in the NBA, Evan Fournier, the Paris 2024 OCOG had to organizationally review its roadmap. Day Hall 6 of the Porte de Versailles and its 9 meters high ceiling and go to the future Arena 2 of the Porte de la Chapelle for at least the preparatory phase of the basketball tournament to finish in Bercy for the final phases. Since the OCOG has to rely on a very limited budget in terms of resources and sites, it is a real musical chairs that will be organized in the coming weeks and in which handball can ultimately emerge as the winner. As the Paris newspaper notes, discussions are currently underway between the OCOG and the concerned federations not to leave hall 6 of the Porte de Versailles in order to organize the handball tournament as originally planned. stage to return to Lille at the Stade Pierre Mauroy for the final stages. As a result, basketball could play a possible preparatory stage in Lille in the space normally reserved for LOSC to return to the capital Bercy to play its finals. In fact, Arena 2 in Porte de la Chappelle would continue to be the venue for badminton and gymnastics matches.

Indeed, it is gymnastics that the members of the OCOG will soon have to accomplish in order to get back on their feet and finally present a welcome plan worthy of the name for the team sports present at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. if the information is confirmed, it will indeed be the handball players and members of the French handball teams who will find their smiles again, hoping to get a closer look at the Olympic Games hosted in their country.

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