PSG: Sergio Ramos bursts, his insult has been revealed

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PSG: Sergio Ramos bursts, his insult has been revealed

Posted on October 9, 2022 at 4:00 PM – Updated on October 9, 2022 at 4:16 PM

Against Reims on Saturday (0-0), Sergio Ramos saw red. The Spanish defender was suspended just before half-time, but was indeed suspended after his comments to the match referee. And his insult has also been revealed and could be evidence of a misunderstanding.

Saturday evening, on the occasion of his trip to Reims, the PSG had a great chance to outrun theTOpreviously defeated by Ajax (1-2). But the Parisians failed to win in Champagne (0-0), and most importantly, Sergio Ramos was suspended and will therefore miss the Classic next Sunday on the Prinsenpark. After being shown a yellow card for a foul he didn’t commit, the Spaniard was eventually ruled out after being virulent with the meeting’s referee.

This is what Sergio Ramos said to the referee

And on photos taken by Telefootwe guess the words spoken by Sergio Ramos. First, the former captain of the Real Madrid expresses himself in English to confirm his misunderstanding. ” Why me? (why me ?) », miracles Sergio Ramos who hasn’t made a single mistake since it was Marco Verratti who tackled Dion Lopy. Warned first, the defender of the PSG gets annoyed and drops an insult in Spanish” asshole “, which can be translated as ” damn shit So this is not a direct insult to the referee, but rather a sign of annoyance. It remains to be seen whether this is just a misunderstanding, or whether Mr. Pierre Gailloust was just annoyed by the words of Sergio Ramos.

“It’s a training insult”

One thing is certain, Christophe Galtier is convinced that his defender has not offended the referee. ” About the insults (pronounced by Ramos), I experienced that three and a half years ago with a foreign player, who released a word that we release during training. I know Sergio very well and I am not convinced that the insult that came out was directed at the referee. It is a practice insult, which can be heard a lot on the fields in Spain. The referee took it for himself and sent him away, I will not go back on that. There was a lot of nervousness, frustration, maybe coupled with the opponent blocking us well. My players have a lot of experience, but they are also great competitors. I don’t apologize to them. I will of course talk to them about it, because we need them. We’ll chain matches and we’ll lose a few, suspended for stupid cards. We have to fix it, yes, but I’ll talk to them “, launches the coach of the PSG at a press conference.