PSG: The Paris club will seize UEFA on its supporters’ digs in Lisbon

PSG “will ask UEFA” about the issue of “excessive digs” suffered by its supporters before the match against Benfica in Lisbon, the Paris club announced on Saturday, after numerous testimonials from fans who said they were shocked by overly probing palpations. “The club is very attentive to the testimonies of its supporters who are calling for excessive excavations in Lisbon. In response, the club will ask UEFA to shed light on these testimonies,” PSG said in a statement. In the event of “particularly serious” facts, the Paris club invites those involved to contact a special service of the Police Prefecture of Paris, the STADE (Transversal Service for the Agglomeration of Events).

In all high-level matches, protocol provides for spectator searches by stewards to prevent prohibited items such as smoke bombs from entering the stadium. As Football Supporters Europe (FSE), a federation of national supporters’ associations, reported on Friday, Parisians on Wednesday reported “shocking” and “disproportionate” searches in Lisbon for the PSG match against Benfica in the Champions League (1-1).

Similar complaints against Benfica this season

According to testimonies collected by Radio France Bleu, a Paris supporter who was present at the Luz stadium on Wednesday spoke of “shocking palpations, the hand in (his) underwear for a good minute, before putting (his) long hand in (his) crotch “. Another supporter accused a flight attendant of “groping her breasts for a long time”. Other supporters mentioned palpations under the underwear or at the level of the genitals.

Benfica, for its part, claims that it was not informed of any “irregularity” in relation to the searches carried out by a certified outside company, under the supervision of the Portuguese police and representatives of the PSG. Similar complaints had already been handed out against Benfica this season. On September 8, after the match between Benfica and Maccabi Haifa (2-0) in Champions Leaguethe Israeli club had issued a press release asking for “statements” from its Portuguese counterpart and theUEFA regarding searches of his supporters deemed “offensive”.