Russell Westbrook with the Hornets? the win-win trade with 3 players!

In recent days, Charlotte’s potential interest in the Russell Westbrook dossier has been reported. Could the 2017 MVP land with the Hornets? It’s possible, as far as the franchise would send two of its key players to the Lakers. We make an inventory.

The first season of Russell Westbrook with the Lakers was a complete disaster, there is no other way to describe the situation. Arriving from Washington with much fanfare last summer, the leader has never lived up to expectations, between disappointing performances and highly suspicious behavior in the face of the media. Unsurprisingly, his rating has plummeted and few leaders want to do anything for him. We already know that the Knicks are not interestedspecial.

On the other hand, unlike the Big Apple franchise, another team from the East might be willing to bring in the Brodie: Charlotte. In reality, rumor has it that the Hornets may try their luck in the off season which would be quite a kick in the anthill. Nevertheless, since the No. 0 is still under contract, it is necessary to set up a trade for it to land in North Carolina. The following scenario seems most likely:


  • The Lakers receive : Gordon Hayward, Terry Rozier
  • Receiving the Hornets :Russell Westbrook

Given the respective contracts, there are not many alternatives to match the salaries. On the other hand, the deal in question could well include benefits for the two franchises, albeit very different.

Scoring for the Lakers, salary cap for the Hornets

On the Los Angeles side, the franchise would be getting something back that it has been sorely lacking this season: scoring and long haul addresses. Except LeBron James, few players have been able to be truly consistent on the pitch with the Pourpres et Ors in 2021-22. However, Hayward and Rozier have amassed nearly 35 points 38% from behind the arc in the current fiscal year. The first would also allow L-Train to maintain its position in position 4, while the second could replace RW in the lead.

As for Buzz City, it’s not so much in the short term that the exchange could be beneficial, but rather with a view to free agency 2023. The 2017 MVP has only one year of contract left. , unlike the two players sent in return. So The Hornets could have a $50 million envelope in a year, a nice amount to surround the superstar-to-be LaMelo Ball. Not an uninteresting move, especially after years of difficult finances.

A trade from Russell Westbrook to the Hornets is therefore quite possible, even if we are still very far from it at the moment. Thus, LA could close a completely failed chapter, while Charlotte would give herself room to maneuver in the medium term.

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