Sporting Portugal – OM: From unknown to masterpiece by Igor Tudor, the revenge of Amine Harit

After helping Marseille Olympics eligible for champions league, Will Amine Harit be the one who will enable his club to reach the knockout stage? The attacking midfielder was one of the architects of OM’s first win in C1 this season, scoring a goal and assisting Sporting (4-1) last Tuesday. OM fans hope to see him repeat the same performance this Wednesday (9pm) in a return leg that is almost as decisive as the first leg, for the remainder of the game. Marseille in this C1.

Unthinkable for OM coach Igor Tudor, just a few hours before the end of the last transfer window, as he simply didn’t know who Amine Harit was. ” It’s true he came late, and I’m sorry, because I honestly didn’t know him. But when I saw him in person on the pitch, I saw that he was a strong player. I’m glad he’s with us because he’s an important player,” admitted Igor Tudor, just over a month after Amine Harit’s arrival at the last minute.

“The Man of the Last Moments”

The Moroccan international has become “the man of the last moments” in Marseille, as Pablo Longoria had introduced him when he returned on the last day of the transfer window. During a “slightly hectic summer” spent with friends and family as she prepared for this new season, Amine Harit even turned down two offers pending a sign from Pablo Longoria.

“I knew what I wanted, I took the risk of waiting and sometimes it pays off. I took a risk yes and no, I had a conversation with the chairman before the end of last season, he knows I only have one word. We said things to each other and they were respected,” the player said on his return to Marseille.

The relationship with the president also seems to extend beyond football’s sole cadre. “The last conversation with Amine was one of the most satisfying moments of my leadership career. What we appreciate about Amine, besides his qualities, is the person. Last season there were ups and downs. I want to emphasize how he worked day in and day out, without bad words. Finally, the work paid off. He’s a positive person, much loved by the group,” said Pablo Longoria, who we know for his art of storytelling, even if that means adding a little bit. But it is true that the Olympian president did not hesitate to ask his former coach, Jorge Sampaolito give him a shot last season, when Harit was in the basement.

Successor of Payet?

The Moroccan international returns the confidence of his president. To the point of being decisive in the Champions League and gradually taking the place of Dimitri Payeto in the starting eleven. Number ten also believed the Moroccan was most likely to succeed him in the Marseille match. “The words he may have had touched me, especially given his career and what he represents at the prosecution. I feel ready to replace him, but he hasn’t left yet. I’m here to learn from him, and if i get the chance to be like him for the next few years that would be great i have a character it’s important to be an OM player but i’m not here to be myself for the next 10 years project,” he warned.

Facing Dimitri Payet’s gradual demotion and “a more direct game”, advocated by Igor Tudor this season, Amine Harit clearly has the opportunity to show what he can do and be “decider” his target. His good period also enabled him to find the Moroccan selection at the last two international meetings. Amine Harit has every chance to play the next one world cupthe second of his career, after missing the CAN 2019 and 2022. An unlikely return of hype for a player who previously cataloged unmanageable for his extra-sporty escapades.