The huge burgeoning rivalry between Manchester City and Liverpool

Years pass, rivalry changes. The Premier League saw a couple of memorable clashes between Arsenal and Manchester United in the early 2000s, before Chelsea entered the fray before Manchester City got involved in the fierce battle for the championship. Since 2018, the Cityzens have found a competitor in Liverpool to talk to. From England, there is even talk of an epic duel worthy of a Real Madrid-Barcelona Mourinho era against Guardiola. It is true that the two clubs are crushing everyone across the Channel. This is still the case this season and their clash on Sunday as part of the 32nd matchday of the Premier League is seen as another final.

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Only a small point separates the protagonists at kick-off† The winner then takes a big step towards a new title. This is unexpected for the Reds, who have come a long way. On the evening of the 21st day, they were 11 points behind City after a slump over the festive period. Since then, the defending champion has dropped some ballast; a draw at Southampton, another at Palace and then there was that unexpected home defeat to Tottenham that left Liverpool on their heels thanks to a run of 10 consecutive wins. A twisted scenario that gives us a new classic between the two ogres of the land.

Manchester City-Liverpool, the classic of the premier league

The arrival of Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp shaped this rivalry that emerged one night in January 2018. At Anfield, Liverpool then knocked down the championship leader (4-3) for the first time this season (22 games without a loss). It won’t prevent the Skyblues from crowning the season at the end of the season, in contrast they took another blow a few weeks later at Anfield 3-0 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, also beaten in the return at the Etihad 2 1. The Reds will reach the C1 final that season (losing to Real Madrid 3-1), heralding their big return to the national stage. From that moment on, Manchester City and Liverpool will never leave each other.

Since the 2018/2019 season, they have shared Premier League titles (2 for City, 1 for Liverpool), even isolating themselves from the rest of the competition. Over this period, Manchester City has 338 points, Liverpool 337. The 3rd is Chelsea with… 264 points. The 73-point gap is as miserable as the regularity of the two heavyweights is monstrous. Even when it comes to efficiency, the numbers are ambiguous. Again, City are ahead of their rivals with 350 goals to 319, far ahead of Manchester United and their 253 goals. Defensively, it is 108 goals against 117 at Liverpool. Tottenham are 3rd in this ranking as they have retrieved the ball without their nets 167 times.

They crushed the competition

“The last four seasons we have not always been at our best. A year ago we had several problems and we had some tough times, but before that it was a crazy race.Jürgen Klopp recalls at a press conference, backed by his best enemy. “Liverpool are the toughest opponent I’ve met in my 12 or 13 years as manager”† Pep Guardiola, however, knows a lot about age-old rivalries. “Jürgen is making world football a better place to live. He’s a huge competitor.”he assures. It’s hard to blame him.

As with any major sporting duel, the two teams have fed on this rivalry to advance each time. During the 2018/2019 season, Liverpool finished second with an incredible record of 97 points, prompting City to finish the championship with a run of 14 wins. The Reds were ‘satisfied’ with the Champions League that spring. Never has a dolphin finished a championship with such a big total, raising the average to 2.55 points per game. A record that only Liverpool can match… this season. The Scousers are moving forward at a rate of 2.4 points per game into tomorrow’s game, the second highest average in Premier League history.

A rivalry that floated to rise

“We push each other and that’s how you stay on your feet. There’s no chance of getting a little soft because the other person is right there to catch you.says Klopp. In sports it helps the most to have a strong opponent. It will help you the most, especially in the long run. I’m sure Nadal and Federer helped each other a lot. And I’m not sure if that would have been the case if they hadn’t faced each other. I wouldn’t say it’s helpful (to have City as a rival for the title), but it hasn’t hurt our development.” “I admire what they do, look how good they are. I like this challenge”, replies Guardiola. All the ingredients seem to be there to witness a new historic Battle of Britain.

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