The Huge Decision LeBron James Would Be Ready To Make About His Future

Now turning 38, LeBron James is coming out of a crazy season on an individual level and looks set to push Mother Nature’s boundaries for several more years. But the king also has to make a big contractual decision, and it looks like he’s opening the door to a strategy that would turn many things upside down…

Yes, he doesn’t defend as much as before. Yes, his body is becoming more and more fragile and yes, he has to miss games here and there. Anyway, LeBron James maintains a level that is simply stunning, never seen in history at such a great age. With some 30 points per game, a string of big hits and a huge impact on his Lakers despite the difficulties, the King remains a top player, a real one, in the race for the MVP for a long time.

But in a complicated context, marked by the Angelinos’ colossal flop in this 2021-22 campaign, the Akron native has to think about his future. As a reminder, he has a one-year contract left for the upcoming season and could either 1. be a free agent in the summer of 2023, or 2. sign a 2-year extension worth $97 million in the next few weeks. 2025.

LeBron doesn’t rule out anything, does he already have his preference?

Is James ready to offer himself to the Lakers for 3 more seasons until he is 41, where does he want to give himself a chance to leave in the event of another fiasco in the coming year? According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, it is highly likely that the chosen one will not renew, thus relinquishing the huge amount it could claim:

Based on my conversations with people who know about this sort of thing, it’s clear that James is considering playing until the end of his contract, rather than signing the two-year extension this summer. If flexibility and freedom are his goals in this case, LeBron, who will hit 44.4 million next season, could very well resume his “year after year” habit that he developed during his second stint at Cleveland.

Knowing that a certain Bronny James will land in the NBA in 2024, and that the King wants to be free to go wherever he wants to play with him, it seems all the more logical to turn down the extension. Of course, hardly anyone would give up $97 million in two seasons, but LeBron has already made so much money, on and off the field, that it’s no longer a matter of finances for him at this point in his career.

The Lakers front office is therefore eagerly awaiting his superstar’s decision, as the NBA is based on a domino game and the king’s choice could have huge implications for the roster composition and the continuation of the franchise. Obviously, the most plausible hypothesis at this stage appears to be a non-renewal of LeBron, who would therefore be a free agent by 2023. The four-time champion would then have the option of re-signing with the Lakers on a short contract, or good to go wherever he pleases.

Judging by the article from The Athletic, LeBron James seems to be betting on freedom at the end of next season. What many franchisees dream of, you never know…

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