the Mastiffs are suing Ben Arfa, Gourvennec “has never seen this in 34 years”!

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The future looks bleak for Hatem Ben Arfa. As AFP states, the French champion has started proceedings against his player: “Lille “undertook proceedings” against attacking midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa after his changing room altercation with a teammate and staffers last Saturdaythe statement reads.

At the same time, the Lille technician was present at a press conference and raised the topic: “We had an incident after Bordeaux, a player behaved inappropriately right after the game. It was hard to understand and maybe even more so for me because I had a lot of affection for this player. The president has a rule, we don’t touch the club, the team or the coach. From my position as a coach it is obvious and impossible to miss anything that can change the unity of the team, the group, the locker roomhe complained in comments reported by RMC Sports

He continued: “From there, the club started an ongoing procedure. The chairman and leaders intervened, the player was released from training this week and the club will communicate once the proceedings have progressed. The legal department will handle this. Nobody and nothing is above LOSC, but given the current procedure I can’t express myself further or answer questions.

Finally, he concluded by stating that he had never seen this in 34 years of football: “There can be problems in all professions, but being in a body where there can be twists and turns, things that aren’t very noticeable or acceptable… It’s not because you’re in a twisted environment that you have to be twisted. Everyone does what they want, set the ethics they want. I have always invested myself in a certain ethics since my coaching career. Some things we do well, others less so, we win matches or not, we play somehow, that’s another thing, but ethics is important to me. I’ve been in football for 34 years and I’ve never seen this. I don’t have a lesson to teach, but I know what I want, what I don’t want and I’ll carry on like this

to summarize

LOSC has initiated proceedings against Hatem Ben Arfa. Jocelyn Gourvennec, meanwhile, spoke about this clash at a press conference. And the Lille technician was very saddened and said he had never seen this in 34 years.

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