the Phocaeans keep on unfurling

Payet makes way for Gueye

Jorge Sampaoli and Pascal Dupraz keep making changes. Marseille’s first striker, Dimitri Payet, makes way for Pape Gueye, while Moukoudi and Sako replace Mangala and Nordin.

Bouanga’s daring attempt

The Gabonese international tries a complicated gesture with a forty meter long lob. Pau Lopez had moved forward, but Bouanga’s attack goes over the cages.

The center of Thioub in the gloves of Pau Lopez

The Stpehanois try to score a second goal, but the mission is very difficult. Thioub’s center is not cut by any teammates and ends up in the gloves of Pau Lopez in his race.

The festival continues for OM

New target for OM. This time it’s Amine Harit cheating Bernardoni with a subtle flat foot hitting the post before entering. Note Mattéo Guendouzi’s brilliant assist in the break.

Bakambu’s shot ends up in Bernardoni .’s gloves

One of Bakambu’s first balls is symbolized by a stroke from the last. But it is too crushed and ends up in the gloves of Paul Bernardoni.

Dieng comes out

Shortly after his goal, Senegalese striker Bamba Dieng made way for Cédric Bakambu.

Bamba Dieng scores OM .’s third goal

It’s 3-1! OM took off in this match thanks to a goal by Bamba Dieng from a penalty, although Bernardoni was close to knocking him out.

Gerson gets a penalty

Gerson gets a penalty after a nice dribble past Arnaud Nordin. ASSE is no longer there.

Crivelli comes into play

He plays his first minutes in his new jersey. Former Bastia player Enzo Crivelli replaces Boudebouz while Aouchiche replaces Youssouf.

The main goal for OM!

What a goal for OM! Valentin Rongier is served deep and seizes his chance, but Bernardoni still makes a great save, but Kolodziejczak tries to clear the ball from his area, but it ends up in his own goal.

The bar for Dieng

Under takes the turn. It is shot perfectly to the head of Senegalese international Bamba Dieng who sees his ball lightly touch the top of the bar.

The exceptional landing of Harit

Since the start of the match, former Nantes player Amine Harit has been confusing. Again he just fooled Camara before crossing over, but no one can take over.

The Greens suffer a lot

Since the return from the dressing room, ASSE has been in great difficulty and has been given opportunities. The Public Prosecution Service is trying to take advantage of this to take the lead.

What a stop from Bernardoni

What an opportunity for Payet and OM! The Reunionese was very close to a double after an excellent serve from Under. Bernardoni makes a beautiful parade.

Saliba’s head right in Bernardoni .’s gloves

On a free kick by Dimitri Payet, William Saliba gets the better of the Saint-Etienne defenders and heads, but Bernardoni catches the ball without any problems.

Nice defense from Nade

The Marseillais are already on the offensive in this second act. Bamba Dieng is overtaken by Nadé in the penalty area.

Replaced under Kolasinac

Jorge Sampaoli has already made a substitution at half time. The Turkish Cengiz Under replaces Sead Kolasinac.

Kick off second half

It’s back to Geoffroy-Guichard. Clément Turpin has just started the second half.

It’s half time

Clément Turpin sends the 22 actors back to the dressing room. OM was level again just before half-time. Denis Bouanga had opened the scoring and Dimitri Payet answered him with a penalty.

Dimitri Payet transforms

The captain of the Public Prosecution Service does not flinch and cheats on Paul Bernardoni just before halftime. Dimitri Payet takes the penalty in the middle of the cages. The Phocaeans are back on their feet.

Clément Turpin awards a penalty to OM

Mangala owes Caleta-Car. It’s a penalty for OM. The Greens defender has surrounded the Marseille defender in the area, he is shown a yellow card.

VAR is watching an action

Clément Turpin puts his finger on the headset and talks to his assistants about a contentious situation in the Saint-Etienne penalty area. Clément Turpin will review the footage.

Clément Turpin warned Julien Sablé

One of Pascal Dupraz’s assistants, Julien Sable, has been shown a yellow card for challenging the decision to cancel Etienne’s second goal.

Bouanga scores but the goal is disallowed

Denis Bouanga was sure to have scored a brace, but the assistant referee raised his flag for offside position. Still 1-0 for ASSE.

Guendouzi’s long shot puts Bernardoni to work

What a great attack from Guendouzi. The Marseille midfielder was unable to find solutions and therefore seized his opportunity from afar. Bernardoni has to work to avert the ball for a corner.

Peace is approaching

There are less than 10 minutes left in the first half of this game. The Marseillais were surprised from the start by a goal from Bouanga. They dominate but are not very dangerous in the cages of Saint-Etienne.

Kamara seizes her chance

On Payet’s corner shot to the far post, Boubacar Kamara is alone to volley from close range, but his effort escapes the frame.

Nice defensive gesture from Kolasinac

The former Arsenal side makes an excellent defensive intervention. On an opening by Boudebouz, the defender cuts the path of a header towards his keeper.

OM pushes

OM are largely dominant but don’t really manage to be dangerous in Bernardoni’s cages.

Amine Harit asks for the punishment

After making the difference for Nadé, Amine Harit falls into the penalty area and asks for the penalty. Clément Turpin does not back down.

Bouanga unstoppable since the start of the match

Since the start of the competition, Denis Bouanga has caused many problems for the Olympic defense. He just got another mistake after making a nice bridge over Kamara.

Clément Turpin warns Nade

After a succession of fouls, Saint-Etienne defender Mickael Nadé is taught by the meeting’s referee who could warn him if he commits another foul.

Payet’s free kick goes over

Dimitri Payet takes off, but his free kick poses no problem for Paul Bernardoni, much to the delight of the Greens supporters.

Very good free kick to follow for OM

Gerson gets a foul in front of Youssouf about twenty meters from Bernardoni’s cages.

Many mistakes

With the 20th minute approaching, Clément Turpin has work to do since the start of the game. There are many mistakes.

ASSE wants to evolve against

The Greens’ game plan seems pretty clear since the start of the meeting. ASSE plays low and tries to bring a lot of verticality to the recovery game to surprise the OM defense.

Valentin Rongier stays on the ground

After an aerial duel, Valentin Rongier gets up with difficulty.

Bouanga opens the score

The opener is for the Stéphanois! After Camara’s opening, the Gabonese international took advantage of a favorable counter and seized his chance with a crushed attack. Pau Lopez is guilty of a huge hand fault.

Payet receives projectiles

As he was about to take a corner, Dimitri Payet received projectiles, probably snowballs, from Saint-Etienne supporters. Clément Turpin asks the deputy to intervene. The match can be resumed after a few seconds of interruption.

What an opportunity for Payet

What an opportunity to open the score for Payet and OM! Mangala loses a ball against Dieng and the French international recovers the ball and seizes his chance but Bernardoni makes a good save.

Bernardoni’s first intervention

Paul Bernardoni is already involved in this meeting. Kolasinac overflows on the left and sends a cross low to the ground but the Greens doorman intervenes.

Dimitri Payet is already recording

This is definitely what Jorge Sampaoli asked him. Dimitri Payet is already picking up to hit balls on his own half of the field.

Bernardoni’s First Failed Approval

Already a clumsiness in the defense of the Greens. Paul Bernardoni gets a ball back and completely shreds his recovery going into contact.

Let’s go to Geoffroy-Guichard

Clément Turpin whistles the start of this ASSE-OM, one of the big matches of this 30th day of Ligue 1. ASSE wants to get out of the red zone while the Olympians want to regain 2nd place in the standings.

OM is the best away team in the championship

While Geoffroy-Guichard seems to have become an impregnable fortress in recent games, the Marseillais are the best in Ligue 1 away from home with 30 points collected from 14 away games played this season.

The confusion surrounding the postponement of the match

After the postponement of this Saturday evening’s game, the VAR could never have worked this afternoon. Indeed, Canal+ had questioned the LFP’s “unilateral” decision to postpone the match until 3 p.m. today in a press release, threatening the lack of video assistance. But Clément Turpin will finally be joined by these video accessors this Sunday. On the other hand, there will be six cameras to film the match against twelve if the meeting had taken place this Saturday.

ASSE is confident at home

After a nightmarish first part of the season, ASSE wants to keep it. And since the arrival of Pascal Dupraz, the mission that seemed almost impossible has become more than possible. During 4 encounters in Geoffroy-Guichard, the Greens are undefeated.

The composition of OM, with the surprise Harit

On the OM side, in the absence of Polish striker Arkadiusz Milik, Jorge Sampaoli decided to put Dimitri Payet at the forefront of his attack in a false roll of 9. Harit was preferred over Gueye.

The composition of OM

Lopez – Rongier, Saliba, Caleta-Car, Kolasinac – Kamara – Dieng, Guendouzi, Harit, Gerson – Payet


Mandanda, Lirola, Targhalline, Gueye, Benyahia, Under, Ben Seghir, Luis Henrique, Bakambu.

The composition of ASSE

Pascal Dupraz renewed his three-man defense and that seemed to have given him satisfaction for the international match. This is the starting eleven of Saint-Étienne:

The composition of ASSE:

Bernardoni – Camara, Mangala, Nade – Thioub, Gourna-Douath, Youssouf, Kolodziejczak – Bouanga, Boudebouz, Nordin.


Green, Moukoudi, Gabriel Silva, Diousse, Aouchiche, B. Sako, Crivelli, Dieye, Rivera.

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