“The referee killed the match”, “I hope Toulouse Healey and Van den Boomen don’t lose in Ligue 1”

As after every match, the editors of the site LesViolets.Com venture into the opponent’s supporters forum to hear their opinion. Today here are the messages from the Guingampais, shared by criticism of the referee, the pride of seeing their team at the same level and the recognition of a superior Toulouse.

Necktie: “This team from Toulouse stands out above the rest in this class… They have only lost 3 matches since the start. No regrets about this match, we came across stronger!

Fortified castle : “Frankly, our players made us happy. Toulouse is by far the best team in the championship. This is how we should continue next season.

Dinan: “Arbitration very much in favor of Toulouse.

shell: “The referee killed the game, nothing more to say, because our players did the job.

Golf: “Holy efficiency in Toulouse! Referee picks up, I wouldn’t even say in favor of Toulouse, just not at the level of the match. (…) Ok, it is not easy to judge Vitelli without the VAR. On the other hand, miss Mchangama’s elbow in the throat in the area in the 75th minute… With 15 minutes and a goal difference when the peno is transformed, it would have had a different intensity!

Binioucoz: “The red not set at the beginning of the game has a huge impact on this game. (…) Healey gives an unsportsmanlike push that deserved a red. It is not impossible that he will go to the committee anyway and that he will be sanctioned. It is a move that (too) many players make. But his state of mind in itself, many players can take an example. He fought the entire game with all the balls he could have. His second goal is a miracle of generosity as he goes for the ball that doesn’t come to him and manages to place his uncrossed head as his body moves away from the goal. He is an Englishman, generous in the stakes and in the duel. But his guilt is unforgivable.

Cruyffgarincha: “Two painful developments were further illustrated by Saturday’s game: the almost systematic use by most players of their arms and hands to move, push, grab, hold, block the opponent when it conflicts with the rules and goes against what is the essence of football: a game where you don’t use your hands; the mediocrity of many umpires who have no real knowledge of the rules of the game. The example of the use of hands being repeated from match to match with the complacency or blindness of the umpires is to me particularly scandalous and disturbing for the evolution of the game.

goofic: “Very good game with a very successful first half. Our team is progressing. However, I find that sometimes we are distracted by the image of the goals we are taking… Dumont, as usual, makes his changes late and always in response. Basilio is highly questionable about his approvals. Pierrot was transparent, no roll call, always behind his defender, he should have been replaced much earlier… Despite everything, we clearly see the progress of this team! Toulouse is a great team with also great individuality in its Healey (9) and Van Den Boomen (I hope they don’t lose them before their advance to Ligue 1). Nice to see a good match!

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