The Sixers at the start of an all-time choke? Two more defeats and we’re there

Heading into the sweep after winning their first three games against the Raptors, the Sixers are still not through to the second round. Losing in Toronto and another in Philadelphia later, Doc Rivers’ men only led 3-2 for a hot Game 6 that boiled in the Canadian cold. Very serious question: wouldn’t we experience an eternal suffocation?

144 teams tried. 144 failed. In the long history of the NBA Playoffs, we have never been entitled to a 3-0 comeback. Only three teams managed to force a Game 7, but failed to complete the feat. Can the Raptors always put something down in the coming days? Time will tell, but one thing is certain: the ideal opponent is up front. Because If there’s one team that looks like it could crumble four consecutive Playoff games, it’s a team led by Doc Rivers and with James Harden as the conductor. The former has multiple pans to his name with a whopping three lost series after a 3-1 lead, NBA record for a coach please. The second ? Very big attacker for sure, but known for losing his offensive powers in the most important games of the spring. These powers haven’t worked properly for a few months now, getting worse by the day with another tacky performance in Game 5 tonight (15 points, 7 assists, 5 turnovers on 4/11 shooting). With the addition of a Joel Embiid hampered by a thumb injury, momentum has now swung to the side of a group of absolutely uninhibited Dinos who are eager to cement the doubts hanging over Philly today with a Game 6 win on Thursday. Somehow the planets seem to align so that we are just witnessing the greatest narrowing in NBA history.

No Jojo, it’s not about a sweep today unless you talked about a reverse sweep that allowed the Raptors to win the series 4-3 after trailing 3-0. When that happens, it won’t be tears rolling down Embiid’s cheeks like it did after the Kawhi shoot, but a torrent of tears that Philly haters will be happy to use to create memes that will span generations. because yes, when it happens realwe will hear about it for a very long time, unless the earth explodes sooner under the impulse of the earthquake caused by such a failure. In fact, it’s almost too big for it to happen in the real city. Before the series, the consequences of a potential first-round loss for the Sixers were barely imaginable. But a defeat after a lead… 3-0? It’s typically the kind of screenplay movie producers would throw out because it’s too much. Except it’s very topical these days. In three days, the Sixers will return to Canada (without Matisse Thybulle as we remember) to try and avoid a Game 7 of fear at home. Can they do the job they did in the first three games and end Toronto’s crazy comeback? Or, on the contrary, will the Dinos continue with evil pleasure in thwarting Doc Rivers’ “plans”? Reply within a few days, but we already know which scenario we prefer.

The Raptors are still alive, the Sixers are seriously sweating. We are potentially facing a historical narrowing and coincidentally we find Doc Rivers and James Harden in the equation. Why aren’t we surprised?