the Socios want to punish Gareth Bale… who is denouncing the media “parasite”

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Subscribers absent from Real Madrid for months, Gareth Bale made a spectacular comeback with Wales in the World Cup play-offs with a resounding double to knock out Austria (2-1). A match after which the former Tottenham player dealt with the Spanish press, accusing him of playing imaginary patients at Real.

The Socios don’t want to see him with the Real shirt anymore

Humiliated by FC Barcelona during the Clásico (0-4), merengue fans couldn’t bear to see the Welshman withdraw from the Blaugranas due to a minor backache and be so competitive a few days later. According to Mundo Deportivo, some Madrid Socios want an exemplary sanction from the club with a sideline until the end of his contract on June 30 with (if possible) a suspension from his comfortable salary.

Yet there is a chasm between some’s fantasy and reality that Real Madrid’s management does not want to bridge by blaming themselves. Invited to respond to Gareth Bale’s damning press release, management preferred to congratulate the game on a simple, discreet tackle.

According to Melchor Ruiz, a Cadena Cope reporter who is close to Real’s upper echelons, the White House was not surprised by Gareth Bale’s actions or by the statements. Happy for the player who qualified for the play-off final, Real Madrid is just sad to see the 32-year-old winger not showing the same dedication to his main employer.

Gareth Bale clarifies his thoughts and touches Marca . still

For his part, the player took to Twitter again to clarify his thoughts on the journalistic attacks that have caused him so much damage: “I have witnessed the damaging effects the media can have on mental health and physical people. The media expects superhuman achievements of professional athletes and will be the first to celebrate with them when they win, but instead of sympathizing when they show an ounce of human error, they are ripped to shreds, encouraging anger and disappointment in their minds. daily pressure on athletes is immense, and it is abundantly clear how negative media attention can easily send an already stressed athlete, or anyone in the public eye, to the brink.I hope that when our children reach the age where they can absorb information, the ethics and standards of journalism will be more strictly enforced So I want to use my platform o m encourage change in the way we speak in public and criticize people, who usually just don’t live up to the often unrealistic expectations projected onto them. We all know who the real parasite is! †

Gareth Bale, 2 faces, 1 controversy

So transparent with Real Madrid and brilliant with Wales, Gareth Bale is aware that he is a target for the Socios merengue. Gareth Bale has once again come out of the silence on Twitter to respond to Spanish media that he sees as unfair to him.

Alexandre Corboz

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