victorious in pain, Les Bleues get closer to the World Cup

It is over !

Les Bleues were scared but won 2-1! Qualifying for the World Cup is getting closer with this 7th win in 7 matches! The ticket for the World Cup can be validated on Tuesday, against Slovenia.

Diani in pivot

The striker hits empty but again does not fit in his shot. It’s above.

3 minutes extra time

The French still have a few moments to hold on…

Latest changes for Deacon

Perisset and Geyoro are replaced by Torrent and Palis.

Baltimore close to 3-1

The incoming player dribbles on the left before taking his chance. O’Sullivan makes a big handball mistake, Evans loses the wire for Diani at the far post.

Mbock saves his defense

What a sliding by the central defender for Fishlock. The ball is sent off for a corner, which is ruined by the Welsh.

Peristaltic set on the ground

The Bordeaux side remains elongated, visibly the victim of cramps. There are still two options to change Deacon.

Katoto’s incredible efficiency in selection

The young striker has 24 goals with Les Bleues in… 27 appearances.

The Blues want more

Big highlight for the Blues. Dali and Mateo are overtaken in their attempt, but the ball stays near the Welsh area.

A penalty claimed for the Welsh

Llanelli’s audience continues to protest Perisset’s intervention on Jones.

Double change for the Blues

Toletti and Katoto make way for Dali and Mateo in the last fifteen minutes. Les Bleues are not immune to poor performance and relapse.

Threatening Perisset

The French side crosses from the right. His gesture is missed, but could have misled O’Sullivan’s vigilance, attentive this time.

Goal denied to the Welsh!

Wales comes back strong! An offside position is ultimately for a header, the French are in doubt…


Wales revives the tension! Peyraud Magnin misses in his air foray on a corner, the French can’t get out. Launched, Captain Ingle hits hard in one touch. The blocked shot puts the French goalkeeper on the wrong foot, 2-1.

Diani’s strike!

At Karchaoui’s initiative, the Blues infiltrate the surface and combine. The ball reaches Diani at the far post, whose powerful shot goes wide.

The rhythm has dropped

The end of the match may be long for the 5,000 spectators present at Llanelli. Les Bleues don’t feel like rushing anymore, Wales can’t react.

Les Bleues under control

With this second goal, the French can calmly watch the end of the game, especially as the Welsh attribute the blow. Deacon will be able to rotate its workforce.

First substitution for the Blues

Baltimore takes Cascarino’s place for the final half hour of play.

Cascarino is looking for the knockout

Cascarino’s powerful attack ends just above the hapless O’Sullivan. Wales has been dealt a serious blow to the head.

Wales demands a fine

The referee whistles a free kick for a violation committed by Perisset at the 16.50m limit. Fishlock hits wide from above.


Katoto breaks on a goal full of opportunism! On a backpass without much danger, O’Sullivan takes the time to clear away and is countered by the French striker, who then ends up in the empty goal. 2-0 for the French team!

Bilbault inaccurate

Another long shot for Les Bleues. Bilbault arms 20 meters from goal, his shot flies into the stands.

Fish bait alarm Peyraud Magnin

In a free kick played on the ground, the Welsh number 10 is found on the entire surface. His strong shot ends well above.

Katoto misses the ball

Found by Perisset on a cross from the right, Katoto stumbles in front of goal on the opposing team’s rear. O’Sullivan relieves the defense by grabbing the target.

Les Bleues are in no rush

If the French team continues to dominate the debates, it will not come down to the goal conceded. The Welsh are finding it increasingly difficult to enter the last 30 meters.

Diani sanctioned

The Paris striker loses the ball in front of Holland, who tries to escape. Diani follows her well but makes the mistake in midfield.

Evans stops Diani

Superb sliding by the Welsh defender for Diani, who was still standing on the right. France is back on track.

It’s back to Llanelli!

Beginning of the second act, the Blues want to take the break to take shelter!


The French side leads by one goal thanks to a performance by the inevitable Renard on a corner. Despite a good start, the Welsh have calmed down and are suffering more and more. The World Cup is getting closer and closer for Les Bleues.

2 minutes extra time

Les Bleues force themselves to seek peace for the rest.

Fox is still there

The goalscorer receives a free kick from Karchaoui at the far post. His head finds Katoto, whose restoration of justice is not on schedule.

Netherlands warned

Holland roughly holds Diani by the jersey and logically receives the first card of the encounter.

Karchaoui tries from afar

At 25 yards from the target and slightly to the left, Karchaoui took advantage of the space in front of her to launch a powerful attack. It ends a little higher.

Wales tries to respond

The Welsh come onto the field and try to pose a threat. Les Bleues recover without difficulty and appear clearly above.

Inaccurate Katoto

Diani flows over on the right and crosses over to Katoto at the end of the race, ideally placed. His header ends to the right of the Welsh cage.

Renard calms the zeal of Wales

Superb defensive return from the striker to get the ball back at the opponent’s feet. Les Bleues temporize and keep the ball.

Deacon relieved

Despite dominating the first half, the Blues were unable to make a difference, even with the red waves on the counter. Here they are finally in the lead after this countermark error.


The French team takes the lead on a whim from Renard! Toletti kicks in a corner from the left. Only on the penalty spot does the French captain have all the time to poke her head in order to pay for her 33rd goal for the selection.

New corner for France

Renard manages to place his head on the nearest pole. O’Sullivan hits the ball to the right.

Les Bleues hung

The French team confirms its difficulties in the first leg in this first period. The Welsh have had several chances but are very dangerous on long balls in the transition.

Beautiful series by Katoto

For the surface, the PSG striker recovers from a poor dismissal and manages to maintain her control before attempting the half volley. It ends just to the right of the target.

Jones tumbles to the right

The Welsh striker cannot find a partner on his central defender. The French defense was again overtaken.

Wales is on it

Another try for the Welsh, from the entrance to the surface. Peyraud Magnin is vigilant and catches on the nearest post.

Small warning for Peyraud Magnin

The French goalkeeper misses her exit on another counter, but the Welsh do not take advantage of it. Les Bleues are not entirely reassuring when the ball is lost.

Double big chance for Diani

Diani was first found on the right side of the surface and hits hard from a tight corner. The ball is pushed back through the post but then returns to the French striker. His second attempt failed a few centimeters from the left post.

Toletti seizes his chance

The midfielder tries a shot for the Welsh area, after a badly cleared ball. It’s above.

Fear in the surface of the Blue!

On a backlash, the Welsh in number project the French camp. Renard then Bilbault, with a manly tackle for Ingle, narrowly averted the danger.

Diani doesn’t adjust her head

Only on the full surface can Diani take a corner of the head. It lacks accuracy, O’Sullivan captures flawlessly.

Settle down Les Bleues

The French team does not let go of the ball and now dictates its rhythm in the Welsh side.

Advanced Katoto

Very good long ball in the area for Katoto, who manages his control in small spaces. Holland eventually dismisses for a corner, which yields nothing.

Vigilant Peyraud Magnin

The Bleues’ goalkeeper succeeds in her exit on a rather dangerous free kick from the Welsh. She quickly catches and revives her team.

Diani can’t find a partner

Excellent acceleration from Diani entering the penalty area on the right before centering in front of the goal. It will pass for everyone, the Welsh can recover.

Wanted Diani

Mbock reaches out to Diani, who is too short to avoid the touch on the right.

Let’s go between Wales and France!

Les Bleues kick off at Parc Y Scarlets, good game for all!

Entrance of the players

The two teams make their appearance on Llanelli’s lawn, where the Scarlets rugby team usually plays. Place for hymns.

France undefeated against the Welsh

The French team has never lost to Wales in 5 confrontations (4 wins, 1 draw). But Les Bleues had a lot of trouble during the first leg (2-0).

The classification of group I

1. France, 18 points (+35)
2. Slovenia (+1 game), 14 points (+14)
3. Wales, 13 points (+14)
4. Greece, 10 points (-14)
5. Kazakhstan, 0 points (-21)
6. Estonia, 0 points (-28)

Two absent from the Blues

Called up by Corinne Deacon, the Lyonnaises Malard and Bacha eventually withdrew for the rally. They have been replaced by Sarr and Morroni, who will start the match on the bench.

Katoto in complete haze about his future

The PSG striker, who is out of contract in June, does not yet know where she will play next season. A few hours before the kick-off of this Wales-France, a meeting took place between the management of the Paris club and the entourage of the attacker.

4 points are enough in the last two games

The French women’s team could qualify for the 2023 World Cup against Slovenia on Tuesday. This requires at least a win and a draw at both meetings. A goal well within the Blue’s reach, who remains on 10 wins in a row.

The composition of the Blue, Katoto is there

Peyraud Magnin – Perisset, Renard, Mbock, Karchaoui – Diani, Bilbault, Toletti – Geyoro, Katoto, Cascarino

deputies: Asseyi, Baltimore, Chavas, Cissoko, Dali, Durand, Mateo, Morroni, Palis, Sarr, Torrent, Tounkara

Wales Eleven

O’Sullivan – Roberts, Ladd, Evans, Rowe – Ingle – Harding, James, Fishlock, Holland – Jones

deputies: Clarke, Estcourt, Filbey, Green, Hughes, Morgan, Soper, Walters, Ward, Williams, Woodham, Wynne

They are almost there

The players of the French team are at the top of Group I with a perfect course (6 wins in 6 matches). Slovenia, the next opponent of Les Bleues, is second on 4 points with one more meeting. The Welsh are third by 5 lengths behind. Only the first team is directly qualified for the 2023 World Cup, which will be played in Australia and New Zealand.

Good evening everyone

Welcome to our live commentary to follow the match of the 7th day of the World Cup qualifiers between Wales and France. The match starts at 8.45pm from Llanelli.

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