W9 chooses OM again in the obvious place of OL

As announced by RMC Sport last week, W9 has decided to broadcast the Europa Conference League quarter-final second leg between PAOK and OM on Thursday (9pm) instead of Lyon-West Ham in the Europa League.

As announced by RMC Sport last week, W9 has opted to broadcast OM’s match in the Europa Conference League quarterfinal second leg in PAOK Saloniki (9:00 PM). The TNT station, which has the first choice of broadcasting for the Europa Conference League and the Europa League, preferred Marseille to Lyon, which will host West Ham (9 p.m.) in the Europa League quarter-final, which is more prestigious.

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Joined by RMC Sport last week, Frédéric de Vincelles, general manager of platforms and sports programs for the M6 ​​group, justified this decision. This results from three criteria: the programming of the match in prime time, keeping it at home or away and the sporting interest. Both games start at the same time on Thursday. If OM played at home last week and Lyon away, the opposite is happening this week. OL supporters could therefore expect their team to be broadcast publicly. But W9 is finally considering the increased sporting interest on the side of Marseilles, winner in the first leg (2-1) while OL took a draw on the pitch of West Ham (1-1).

W9 hopes to reach OM to qualify for the semifinals

“There is not a huge gap between Lyon’s draw in the first leg and OM’s win, but we think Marseille are in a good position to qualify and we want to bring this qualification to life. explains De Vincelles. In addition, if Lyon qualify and Barca also qualify, there is a good chance that we will broadcast the match between OL and Barca in the next round.”

Relaunched on the choice to broadcast the Europa Conference League instead of the Europa League, the frontrunner is right. “Yes, it is (the Europa League, editor’s note) a more prestigious and older competition, but we have the rights to the Europa League and the Conference League, it is important for us to promote this competition as well,” explains he out. the minds of football fans and viewers, it means something. So the more we broadcast matches of this league, the more we talk about it and the more it gains value. By choosing this, we give value to a competition for which we bought the relatively expensive rights, which we also have to value.

Best viewers of a football match on W9 for four years

OM, a club considered the most popular in France, does a lot in this choice. That also paid off last week with a viewership of 7.6%. “It’s an excellent audience, De Vincelles delighted. The best for a football match at W9 in four years. So the bet has been made. We have regained the rights to the Europa League this season and we have been spoiled by the participation of French clubs. ” Marseille, Monaco, which we also broadcast several times, just like Lyon. We treat these big football clubs in the best possible way.”

The match between OL and West Ham will be broadcast on RMC Sport 1 a few minutes after the final whistle. It will also be broadcast unencrypted on BFM Lyon.

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