we know the times of the matches of the first night

Now that the regular season is over and several posters of the NBA Playoffs 2022 are known, we can start organizing. Indeed, the League has just released part of its schedule for next weekend and we’ll have to get there early.

Every year, the NBA pleases us by offering matches at European times during the first weekend of the Playoffs. And 2022 is no exception. On Saturday, April 16, the postseason officially kicks off at 7pm (French time) with Game 1 in between the Mavericks on Jazz on the Dallas side. Not sure if Mark Cuban likes it considering the ? pain suffered by Luka Doncic tonight in the final game of the regular season, but that’s the way it is. Soon after, comes the first meeting of the series between the Grizzlies and the winner of the Wolves – Clippers game as part of the play-in tournament in the West. This is scheduled for 9:30 PM and lasts approximately until midnight when we will move to the East Side with the series opener. Sixers Raptors in Philadelphia. We’ll then head back west and more specifically to San Francisco Bay to see the Warriors’ comeback in the Playoffs after two seasons of absence. It is not yet known whether Stephen Curry will be operational, but it is certain Golden State Starts Campaign Against Nikola Jokic’s Nuggets at 2:30 a.m. You understood because you know how to count, we are at four consecutive Playoff meetings, from 7:00 p.m. to about 5:00 a.m. Everything we love!

With regard to Easter Sunday, there are still many things to be defined, but it will be placed under the Eastern Conference sign. Boston hosts Brooklyn or Cleveland, Miami plays Brooklyn or Cleveland or Atlanta or Charlotte, then we go to defending champion Milwaukee for Game 1 between the Bucks and the Bulls† Nice battles in perspective. On the night from Sunday to Monday, the top regular season team will also compete in these 2022 Playoffs with the Suns receiving eighth from the West, eighth receiving the Wolves, the Clippers, the Pelicans or the Spurs. can be. We’ll have to wait a little longer to know the schedule for Sunday and of course all the posters for this first round of the Play-offs, but the schedule of really serious things is starting to take shape.

What a joy to see the Playoffs schedule. And now you know what to do: you book your Easter weekend, you warn the family, you do the shopping you need, so everything is nickel chrome to get into the late season as best as possible.

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