‘We lack nothing to win the Champions League’

After Casemirsaid Carlo Ancelotti at a press conference to discuss the return leg against Chelsea in the Champions League.

The game “It’s normal for everyone to know it’s going to be a difficult game. Everyone: the team and the fans. These are the quarter-finals of the Champions League, they are always difficult to play, no matter what happened in the first leg.” We will have to play a complete game, know how to suffer, fight and be good for 90 minutes.”

Tuchel plans a physical match: “We will see for the composition of the team. We would like to play the same game as in London, but we also have to consider that Chelsea will make changes because they have not gone well. We have to be prepared for anything. “

The message to the dressing room : “My happiness is that this team knows these matches well. The atmosphere is very good, happy and it is a chance to go to the semi-finals. Chelsea are a very good opponent and we have to respect them, we will do it.”

Winning the LOC: “We lack nothing to win it, no one can predict who will be champions because it is a very complicated competition. Getting to the final is very difficult. We can already participate and that is not true for everything in the world. of the season, we are not lacking in quality and I know the team well. We are not only talking about technique and tactics, but also about personality.”

Benzema and Haaland together? “Damn question… Sorry, I can’t answer. What I can say is that Benzema is a modern striker. The number 9 used to stay in the penalty area. Karim is the perfect representation of what a center should be.” -forward today.”

Tuchel says they can’t go back : “Je ne sais pas, chacun à son avis. Chelsea va venir pour gagner et passer. Ils savent bien que c’est difficile, mais ils vont tenter. C’est l’esprit même du football, les grands clubs n’abandonnent never.”

Casemir : “He has built up experience and personality throughout his career. In recent years he has been an important piece for this club and still is. I see very few players with his capabilities in his position in the world.”

If he wants to be a coach : “I thought about it several times, I had the chance to face Italy in 2018. Honestly, I prefer daily work and not just competitions. There was a coach who said that job coaching would be more fun without the competitions “It’s not the case because it gives you the opportunity to play matches like the one on Tuesday, even if you also suffer. But I prefer the day-to-day work. The experience with Italy in 1994 was spectacular, but I don’t want to 3 days work a year.”

His return to Madrid: “I was very good at Everton, we worked very well, the relationship with the club was good, but when Real called me I couldn’t say no. It’s the only club I couldn’t say no to. I would have stayed .” at Everton for another club, but not for Real.”

If he wins the right to continue next year : “I hope so, but I don’t think about it. I have a long contract and if the club is happy, so am I… I am confident that we will be happy at the end of the season. “

The Benzema Addiction : “The season tells us that two strikers bring us a lot: Benzema and Vinicius. In the past we had Cristiano, Bale… It is very true to talk about Benzema dependence, we should not hide our faces. But I am very happy with it.”

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