“What did Draymond do?” I would have gone straight to get my gun”

The controversy surrounding Draymond Green continues to haunt the NBA community, and we’re taking fewer and fewer gloves to comment on. mSpecial mention to a former player, who had a shocking outing on this topic… Coming especially from him, it’s very borderline.

Draymond Green wanted a maximum contract for the 2023-24 season, which the Warriors were not necessarily willing to offer him as their finances would suffer. And the interior certainly didn’t do itself any favors with its recent freak-out, he who directly attacked his teammate Jordan Poole in full training. The images are disturbing and we could be seriously concerned for the rest of the 2017 DPOY career.

Unsurprisingly, the affair did not fail to draw the reactions of the Dancing Bear peers, quite shocked by what is currently happening on the San Francisco side. Some like Rudy Gobert take the opportunity to put in some big tackles on the veteran, who burst into full blast just days before the regular season resume. But the most remarkable message of all is still that of Gilbert Arenas, who gave some rather radical advice to Poole!

Gilbert Arenas cracks in Draymond Green case

I got a call? Poole got hit so hard I became trending #sorttongun

Definitely very vocal lately, he who has attacked in particular repeatedly to Giannis Antetokounmpo, Agent Zero didn’t go into this again. The problem is that the former Dubs and Wizards use a rather controversial speech, especially in his case in particular.

Firearms and arenas are indeed two elements that do not go well together. Recall that if the leader’s career ended in free fall, it was mainly because of his altercation with his teammate Javaris Crittenton in Washington, in 2009. In the confrontation with him, the star had appeared straight into the locker room with pistols… Between that and a nasty knee injury sustained a little earlier had then hastened the end of his career that promised to be brilliant.

Suddenly it’s quite disturbing to hear him laugh like that at Groen’s controversy, even though he clearly couldn’t be serious. It remains a bad taste joke though, and even his former teammates have pointed out to him that he probably went a bit too far with this punch line, like Al Harrington:

We gotta stop you bro!!!! Also Also

Gilbert Arenas clearly could have chosen a better choice of words when commenting on the Draymond Green case. because given his history with firearms, it wasn’t really the smartest thing to say…