WOJ BOM! Frank Vogel is no longer the Lakers coach

WOJ BOM! Just minutes after the Lakers game ended, NBA insider boss Adrian Wojnarowski announced that Frank Vogel had just coached his last game for Los Angeles. We are sitting there on historic grounds in terms of redundancy rate, wow!

The Lakers are a decidedly unique franchise! We don’t even know if Frank Vogel has had time to give a kiss and thank all of his players, which he has already thanked himself. And the info comes from the Woj, which means it’s very reliable. Of course it was going to happen and it makes sense when you look at the Lakers season, already qualified by many observers as an all-time draw in Los Angeles history† But then bringing out the info that his coach was fired while he’s probably talking in the locker room is a gesture full of panache. In short, clap for the Vogel adventure in La La Land. For three seasons, including a title, he will have his name marked in the marble of a legendary franchise, and no one can take that away from him. Still, this inscription will no doubt be forever tarnished by this year’s fiasco. Announced future champions at the start of the season, his men never really knew how to play together, and never even seemed to know each other on the field… In short, a team light years away from that of the title, but separated by only two years … Like what, things can go really fast!

The coach is often the first to spring up when a team smells stale, but again, we remember tonight the way the Lakers operated, because the moment these lines are written, the game of the purple and gold has only just finished 30 (THIRTY) minutes. This level of WTF all time ladies and gentlemen. It turns out that security even came to steal his soda and ask him to leave, and the return to Los Angeles is hitchhiking, of course, no mess. More seriously, as you might expect, a group rebuild began very quickly for the Californians, who are nearly without a coach at the start of the regular season. The goal will now be to find a profile that can inject new dynamics into a team that seems today without the slightest reliable benchmark. As for Frank Vogel, something tells us he didn’t enjoy the final minutes of his Hollywood tenure too much.

Oh the incredible breaking! Thanks for everything Frank, but now take a bite and go, that’s about the message. The Lakers site has officially launched, and the least we can say is that there seems to be no time to lose!

Text source: ESPN / @AdrianWojnarowski

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