6 games you can’t miss on Switch this week

Game News 6 games you can’t miss on Switch this week

Like every week, the Switch welcomes its share of new features, at a pace almost as fast as the Steam platform. Among these games are titles that won’t make much noise, while some deserve your attention. Our brave mission, to introduce them to you. On the agenda for this week: bats, lightsabers and space dogs. Suffice it to say it promises. We begin !

Dashing Dodgems

A week that starts with – it makes sense – the release of Dashing Dodgems, car game like no other. The goal here is not to finish first or even set the best time, but just to collide with other players in a bumper car mode† All on “eight maps” and “two unique themes” if we are to believe the title page on the Nintendo site. Areas that bring together many destructible elements for even more fun. The idea is therefore (literally) to roll over your enemies in the heart of different game modes: Free for All, where the last one standing wins, or Projector, a sort of capture of the flag. As icing on the cake, you can customize these game modes, adjust the score and time, as well as play up to 4 in split screen.

  • Publication date : Apr 4, 2022
  • Swap price : €11.99

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

After sending your opponents to their deaths, why not continue on the path to the dark side with Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which will be released on Switch (as well as PC and consoles) on April 5th. By the way, the project is rather ambitious: bring together not one, not two, but the nine films of the famous saga in one game, with the added bonus of the familiar – and effective – humor of the Lego adaptations. In our previous preview of the game, we also learned that The Skywalker Saga will offer the player a certain freedom, allowing him to start with each episode. The same goes for the playable characters: there will be a total of 300. What must you pass from the blaster to the lightsaber without warning to lead to a welcome change. Without forgetting the puzzles on the sidelines of the battles. A title to keep an eye on.

  • Publication date : April 5, 2022
  • Swap price : 59.99 €

MLB The Show 22

Have you practiced enough with your lightsaber? Then you can probably make it MLB The Show 22, a new episode of the famous baseball simulation. That is the first time the series lands on Switch† An event made all the more comical because the title was designed by San Diego Studio, a development team belonging to…PlayStation. This will also be the company’s second show of what it has in the gut on the MLB The Show license, following a 2021 edition that largely convinced. In short, all the lights seem to be on green for this new part, which, however, will necessarily show a technical delay compared to the other versions. On the agenda: the return of Diamond Dynasty mode and even cross-play.

  • Publication date : April 5, 2022
  • Swap price : 59.99 €

Chinatown detective agency

On a very different note, here comes Chinatown detective agency, a point-and-click adventure game “Technoir”, according to the Steam page (understand a story that is not very nice with technology). And for good reason: the city of Singapore is here the “last bastion of the guarantee of order”, with a government on the brink of chaos. This is where you – an over-the-elbow detective agency – come in. With Chinatown Detective Agency it takes Run your business skillfully to avoid bankruptcy and save the city at the same time. According to the various trailers, everything seems to crystallize around main characters and different missions. A future narrative blow? Soon we will know more.

  • Publication date : April 7, 2022
  • Swap price : 24,99 €

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

We now move on to a well-known title that has been waiting for its European version for 23 years: Chronocross, which is taking advantage of a remaster to land on Switch (as well as PC and consoles). That is a monument of Japanese RPG, which isn’t even a sequel or spin-off of Chrono Trigger, another cult role-playing game. At the time, Chrono Cross made an impression thanks to a colorful artistic direction, a fairly classic but deep combat system and above all, one hell of a storyline. This remaster is an excellent opportunity to (re)discover this great classic. On the program of this version The Radical Dreamers (which also includes a visual novel released in 1996): 3D models converted to HD, enhanced hero miniatures, the ability to deactivate random battles or make battles easy.

  • Publication date : April 7, 2022
  • Swap price : €19.99

Astro dogs

Finally a game with dog, with Astro dogs† It’s just a shoot’em up where the ships are controlled by cute canines† Heroes forced to bare their tusks as a society decides overnight to attack all surrounding planets. The whole thing takes you through 10 levels, created with “a dimension of replayability in mind”, details from the Steam page. So you have four special attacks at your disposal, as well as a power to slow down and dodge time. All with a very original and colorful artistic direction, which seems worth seeing. We can’t wait to put our dough on it.

  • Publication date : Apr 8, 2022
  • Swap price : 12.99 €

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