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Stocks are scarce after a month of restocking in April. Sony’s console is still experiencing supply disruptions, which could last until 2024. Stock update.

[Mis à jour le 6 mai 2022 à 10h57] After a fairly fruitful month of April for Playstation 5 researchers, the month of May seems to be getting darker on the part of French retailers. Indeed, the news is quite bad on the part of the semiconductor market, which has suffered greatly since the first factory shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic. Intel has said that the situation should not return to normal before the year 2024. Very bad news for Sony and PS5 buyers who still have to take their issues patiently. But the situation is not hopeless for the French consumer, who can still benefit from replenishing stocks, provided they react as quickly as possible and buying tips† To do this, here’s the live stock tracking of the day.

Friday May 6 Follow stock Live

  • 10:00 am. As of now, there is no news of a restock on the PS5 planet yet this Friday.

For the time being, no restocking is planned on the French resale sites this afternoon. The console made a brief appearance at Micromania this Wednesday, but the retailer’s website suffered from the large influx of buyers. For this Thursday we will have to be patient, there is no site planned to put the console up for sale. If there is no offer during the day, you will have to wait until tomorrow morning, around 9:00 am, to get new information.

After a month of rich stock for the Sony console, supplies are slowing, with the exception of a few units that will go on sale by Auchan on Monday. But the situation bodes well for potential Playstation 5 buyers, who are seeing an increase in console “drops”. If you want to prepare well for the next restocking (which will probably take place this Tuesday morning), you can always consult the various tips, techniques and buying advice in our article below:

No PS5 until 2024?

The month of May starts with bad news that can be found in an article by CNBC† In a recent interview with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, the paper posed the painful question, asking for an estimated duration of the semiconductor shortage affecting computer markets, home consoles and the automobile. The answer is not very reassuring:Despite our earlier estimates (2023), we believe the global semiconductor shortage will extend into 2024 as shortages now hit equipment and some production lines will come under severe pressure.“Bad news for the home console and graphics card market.