A revolutionary feature arrives on the Google search engine

News hardware A revolutionary feature arrives on the Google search engine

Thanks to an update to the Google application available on iOS and Android, the search engine becomes more intelligent and Internet users can benefit from accurate results by combining two already known functionalities. A proposal that is now making its debut in the United States.

We no longer present the Google search engine, which, moreover, is the original proposal of the web giant. As the Mountain View company continues to refine its algorithm regularly to adapt to current trends, the novelties that can be used directly by internet users turn out to be quite rare† Here’s what Google’s recent announcement around its search engine deserves our attention.

Visual searches with more context

In a blog post titled “Going Outside the Search Box: Introduction to Multiple Search”Google raises an important novelty in its search engine† It specifically focuses on mobile research conducted through the Google application available on iOS and Android.

If it was already possible to perform a search on Google using a photo or a screenshot, for example, to find a product for sale on the Internet, now it is possible to associate the photo in question with a written search† Google gives the example of a dress, which is in the photo in beige, but which the person wants to find in green. Just add the keyword “green” to the search for Google to understand and display the correct result.

A revolutionary feature arrives on the Google search engine

Google refines the relevance of its engine

The use of this new functionality is very open: in addition to finding the right color of a product, you can also ask the search engine about its origin, where it is for sale, the price… “You can take a photo of your dining table and add the search ‘coffee table’ to find a matching model, or take a photo of a plant and add the search ‘care instructions'”describes the platform.

Artificial intelligence settles a little more in the heart of the most famous search engine in the world, showing that there is still potential to improve its proposal. Only downside: this feature is only available on smartphones and tablets, while it can also be useful on the classic browser version of Google. In the near future, this feature is available in beta in the US : If the feedback is positive, it will be expanded to worldwide very soon.

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