Beware, the Russians can eavesdrop on your phone calls with this spyware

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A priori Russian spyware wreaks havoc in the Android scene and can access all the functions of your device, after discreetly obtaining your permission.

Supported by the Kremlin and while the war in Ukraine continues, Russian hackers have launched a new spyware to get their hands on confidential information. At least that’s what researchers at the Spanish cybersecurity company revealed. Lab52

This malware hides in a harmless application called “Process Manager”, which aims to increase the speed of your smartphone and help you manage its options better. But once downloaded, the application asks you for almost 18 permissions, including accessing your messages, your location, your contacts, listening to your calls and taking photos and videos, in particular. A real problem for confidential data in wartime.

Very well hidden malware

This malware does everything it can to go undetected. Once installed on your phone, it removes the app icon that looks like a small gear and then you can quickly forget its existence. A real concern, especially since the virus can also download other malicious files.

This is especially the case with Roz Dhan, an application that allows you to earn money by completing various daily tasks: 60 cents to connect, 30 cents to complete a survey or invite a friend. Unbeknownst to you, the money then goes into pirates’ pockets, enough to give them a happy holiday with over 10 million downloads to date.

Possible Russian hackers

Nothing is certain, but researchers at Lab52 have nevertheless identified an infrastructure attributed to the FSB, the Russian security services. Behind this attack is said to be “Turla”, a group of Russian hackers also known as “Snake” or “Uruburos”. Funded by the Kremlin, he could be involved in the 2020 hack of Solar Winds, a US software publisher.

However, if certain encodings of this software do indeed contain the Cyrillic alphabet, nothing can guarantee that they are indeed the men of Turla, details with the Parisian a French cybersecurity expert. Antivirus software exists to protect you.

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