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Blizzard today unveils the Year of the Hydra, a new default year ofhearthstone† This will mark the departure of all three expansions from 2020 and introduce a redesigned Core set. Find the details below!

It’s time to turn the clock again hearthstone in the air, whose big hand is about to go up a notch. Get ready to welcome the year of the Hydra! But first, let’s take a moment to get back to the one that just came in hearthstone

Hearthstone and the Year of the Griffin

During the Year of the Griffin, we encountered 10 mercenaries, first in the hostile lands of the Horde with Forged in the Barrensthen to the Alliance Capital with United in Stormwindending in an icy conflict in Distributed in Alterac Valley† In the Book of Mercenaries single player content, we followed the stories of these characters and watched them grow stronger, get to know each other and unite against the Black Dragonflight. In the new Mercenaries game mode, our 10 Mercenaries are joined by over 65 other iconic characters to bring you a whole new way to play.

Speaking of new gameplay experiences, the year of the Griffon saw the arrival of the new Classic format and the free base set. This year will be the first Core Set update in celebration of the Year of the Hydra, which will open with the release ofIn the heart of the sunken city† We then say goodbye to extensions Ashes of OutlandScholomance Academy and Crazy day in Darkmoonleaving the default format.

On to the year of the Hydra

The Year of the Hydra begins with the launch ofIn the heart of the sunken city, 12 April. This year, our efforts will be more focused on enriching and improving existing systems than on creating new game modes. So you’ll see some comfort changes coming, such as a random model option and an in-game report functionality. performance. The chart below illustrates the focus on improving and perfecting the game for the coming year!

The basic set especially

For this transition from the Year of the Griffin to the Year of the Hydra, we want our sets to build on the foundation of a robust core set. We’re happy with the role last year’s base set played, but we’re happy to renew it to prepare for the year ahead. 57 cards are about to leave the base set, while 72 cards are added, bringing the total to 250 cards, 15 more than last year!

We are therefore (for now) saying goodbye to the following cards, which will not appear not in the basic set this year:

Demon Hunter: Ashtongue Lord, Warglaives of Azzinoth

Druid: Enchanted Raven, Landscaper, Keeper of the Menagerie, Druid of Nordrassil, Ancient of War

Hunter: scavenging hyena, web spinner, bear shark, headhunter axe, ready to shoot

Mage: Water Elemental, Mirror Entity, Dead Hero, Drake of Coldarra

Paladin: Holy Light, Pursuit of Justice, Guardian of Kings

Priest: Crimson Cleric, Shadowform, Spawn of Light, Temple Enforcer, Natalie Seline

Rogue: Cultist of the Blade, Patient Assassin

Shaman: Windfury, Unbound Elemental, Grave Draenei Totem, Earth Elemental

Warlock: Dread Infernal, Possessed Villager, Enslaved Fellord, Ritual of Doom

Warrior: Warsong Officer, War Cache, Warsong Outrider

Neutrals: Arcane Anomaly, Argent Squire, Cogmaster, Young Priestess, Mini-Mage, River Crocolisk, Toxicologist, Brightwing, Seer of the Earthen Ring, Flesh-Eating Ghoul, Ice Rage, Injured Blademaster, King Mukla, Spider Chariot, Stoneskin Basilisk, Baron Rivendare, Gurubashi Berserker, Inquisitor Whitemane, Barren Steed, Clockwork Giant

All cards in this list that only exist as Core cards will enter the Legacy set upon release of the Core set and can be created and played in Freeform.

As you can see, not all classes have received the same amount of adjustments. However, each player wins one card more than he loses, and the neutral category gets 5 more cards than he loses, a total of 15 cards more than last year. But a few new recruits stand out:

Yes, the League of Explorers returns to its standard format! Other popular returning cards include Voidwalker, Savage Pyromancer, Acolyte of Suffering, Mossy Monster, Hooded Huntress, and Fandral Staghelm.

No cards were made for the base set this year, but some new additions and existing cards have undergone minor tweaks to make them suitable for modern play.

View our card catalog to see all cards added to the base set.

The Future of Hearthstone’s Mercenaries Mode

You may have noticed that Mercenaries mode only welcomed one new mercenary in the 23.0 update: Murky, the slimy Murloc, available for free in the reward track. And for good reason: the rate at which the mode is updated changes with the year of the Hydra!

Mercenaries mode will continue to receive events, balance changes, bug fixes, and general improvements with each update, but major content additions are now coming in the X.4 updates. In other words, the next arrival of mercenaries, bounties and tasks is expected in a few months (and it promises consistently† This change will allow the Mercenaries mode to have its own highlights, just like other modes, and allow the team to focus more on other types of improvements that the community is asking for.

This year, the team plans to add ways to spend your excess coins, a new high-level system that puts your entire collection to the test, a series of improvements to the task system, more events and regular updates for bounties, zones and Mercenaries. The first tweaks to the task system and a series of changes to the mercenary balance sheet are already coming in with the 23.0 update, and this is just the beginning!

Seasons for Battlegrounds Mode

Battlegrounds will now be organized into “seasons” similar to the expansion cycles of hearthstone† With these seasons, you can better anticipate the inauguration or completion of major changes for this mode, be it special events, keywords, or system tweaks. It all starts with the first season of Battlegrounds, when Update 23.2 is released. This will see the arrival of a new keyword, naga minions, new heroes and more! Going forward, the team plans to add cosmetics to Battlegrounds throughout the year, as well as a mid-year progression system. Keep following us to learn more about the development of these novelties!

The Year of the Hydra begins with the launch ofIn the heart of the sunken city, 12 April! Be sure to check out the Patch 23.0 Release Notes and New Reward Path for more details.

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