Call of Duty: Activision Blizzard is struggling with a major loss of revenue

On the menu of the Daily on this beautiful Thursday in May: the collapse of the NFT market, poor results for Activision-Blizzard and a The Mandalorian game in preparation. The Daily, let’s go!

The NFT market is collapsing, and not just a little bit!

NFTs are pretty trendy right now, but maybe not for long! As a reminder, NFT means: Non-functioning token‘, which can be translated into French as Jetons Non Fongibles. Basically, these are digital titles that prove the authenticity of content, including virtual. The concept itself is based on blockchain technology, which makes it possible to secure NFT transactions in a very reliable way. Today the market is not doing so well. In September, for example, there were an average of 225,000 daily NFT sales. This week it’s 19,000 a day, down 92%. As further proof, according to Google Trends, a trend-measuring tool, searches for NFTs have fallen by 80% since their peak in January. As a result, many NFT owners experience a significant loss of value on their previous investments. Good luck to Square Enis, who sold Eidos and Crystal Dynamics for $300 million in an effort to invest in NFTs.

Bad results for Activision-Blizzard and Call of Duty

A hard blow for Activision Blizzard, which suffered a significant loss of turnover for the year 2021. We’re going from $2.28 to $1.77 billion. The reason ? The blame lies with the mixed commercial reception of Call of Duty: Vanguard. According to them, the choice of the Second World War as the setting was a mistake. Added to this is the lack of innovation at play compared to what was expected and the loss of active player numbers from one year to the next. The company has just “more” 372 million players compared to 435 million in the same period in 2021, a drop of nearly 14%. But Vanguard isn’t the only culprit, as Warzone is also registering a loss of interest for players. This is why the next installments, Modern Warfare 2 and its Warzone 2 counterpart, have to work hard to catch up. Then count on upcoming Blizzard releases to help, with the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight and Overwatch 2. Whether the plans will materialize remains to be seen.

A The Mandalorian game in preparation?

Well, we’re not going to hide it, the famous May 4th has left us hungry, but the Youtuber SkullziTV has left us something to snack on some more. The man specializes in research within the world of video games. The latter confirmed the comments of Nick Backer, co-founder of the site and known as one of the insiders of the Microsoft universe. He had already mentioned last year that an MMO in the universe of the series The Mandalorian would be in development at Microsoft and that it would be an Xbox exclusive. The project would have been entrusted to ZeniMax Online, responsible for The Elder Scolls Online. With this new announcement, fans of Star Wars games will have to do their job as there are currently seven Star Wars games in the works. In the meantime, know that The Mandalorian season 3 is already behind us. We’re just waiting for the release date, which should be revealed during Star Wars Celebration.

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