Diablo Immortal: What Longevity for the Mobile Game’s Scripted Campaign?

Game news Diablo Immortal: What Longevity for the Mobile Game’s Scripted Campaign?

Diablo IV regularly brings its news through lengthy blog posts that plunge players into the heart of development, but it is of course on mobile that the next phase of the license will take place, with Diablo Immortal.

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Diablo Immortal: What Longevity for the Mobile Game's Scripted Campaign?

Announced under angry from the crowd at BlizzCon with the now famous statement “Don’t you have smartphones?”Diablo III gradually reassured the players. Well helped by the announcement of Diablo IV, the title gradually reflected his ambitions and the first contact was rather reassuring. The title is not available yet, but the opening of the pre-registration has already brought together more than 30 million future playerswhile causing confusion.

Indeed, on iOS players have seen the date of June 30, which was indicative only as specified by Blizzard. The game retains the hack’n slash approach to the series, with areas to explore in all directionswith different objectives, errors, dungeons, side missions, events or even main missions.

Diablo Immortal: What Longevity for the Mobile Game's Scripted Campaign?

It is these missions that we are going to talk about today, as our German colleagues from MeinMMO could ask a few questions for Wyatt Cheng, Game Director, Joe Grubb Senior Game Designer, about the scripted campaign. As expected, there will be one, which will serve as spine to all content. The two developers were hesitant at first, before explaining that the campaign does not work as a linear series of missionswhich we chain one after another:

Different people need different amounts of time. I hesitate to answer because our story is structured in 8 areas. But you can’t just teleport to the area, play the story, and finish the linked story. The story in each area lasts about 15-45 minutes. Or let’s say, about half an hour. But each of them has a level limitation. For example, the Gut Swamp is designed to run at levels 40-45. So once you reach level 40 you can experience the story there, which in turn continues the story of the previous area and continues later.

Wyatt Cheng and Joe Grubb also explain that when players complete an area’s key missions, new activities will be proposed† Thus, chasms, bonuses, and dungeons are unlocked, allowing gain experience and of course get loot† Activities that are visibly designed to make players wait for the required level for the next area, thus extending their lifespan.

If it was just the story with no levels, you’d probably be done in less than 10 hours. But there is all this other content you can do. Immortal is the biggest and most ambitious Diablo to date. Therefore, there is not just one quest, but a lot of content around it.

There is also story-based content such as side missions with characters helping you. It really depends on how long you want to put in it. If you ignore all that content, things go pretty fast. But if you want to fully experience what Immortal has to offer, it’s a much greater experience.

Unfortunately this interview did not lead to more details about the economic model of the game, which already plans to add content over time. Also, we will have to wait to find out whether or not there will be bridges built between the mobile title and Diablo IV† Finally, note that: the release date of Diablo Immortal is still unspecifiedbut estimates point to late spring.

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