Elden Ring: An epic trailer to brag about his good grades

Game News Elden Ring: An epic trailer to brag about his good grades

Elden Ring was released in February, but the hype doesn’t seem to diminish that much. Definitely rubbing his hands, Bandai Namco just released a new trailer, illustrating some of the good comments received by the press.

Golden ring

It was on February 25 thatElden Ring finally offered to all owners of PlayStation, Xbox and other PCs: a super tasty adventure, as intimidating as it is well thought out and which managed to convince the audience without difficulty. It must be said that after just a few days of marketing, the FromSoftware development studio announced that it had sold more twelve million copies worldwide

An impressive score, made possible of course by the quality of the game, but also thanks to an excellent promotional campaign. For example, we remember the giant poster hand-painted in the middle of New York, or from this trailer hosted directly by one of the Star Wars actresses. As for the critical reception, it was… dithyrambic.

Future GOTY?

Pretty proud of his game, Bandai Namco just delivered a short, but damn effective trailer, focusing entirely on some of the most complementary quotes from the English press. To tell the truth, the good notes are not just limited to these media there sinceElden Ring seems to have unanimous support: on Metacritic, the title shows the exceptional score of 96%. The software has also collected from us a very nice letter

In short, there’s plenty to show off such stats and most importantly, enough to reward FromSoftware after a long development, requiring recruitment at all costs: Elden Ring is indeed the greatest design ever made by the Japanese studio, as the director told us so well a short while ago

By the way, can you imagine that we are already being talked about from a new game, possibly written by another famous author, specialized in Fantasy. Because yes, it was George RR Martin (Game of Thrones) who laid the foundation forElden Ring and it’s all the same not nothing.

Elden Ring: An epic trailer to brag about his good gradesElden Ring: An epic trailer to brag about his good grades

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