Elden Ring: Find out how to defeat the most terrifying boss in the game with… a pot

news tip Elden Ring: Find out how to defeat the most terrifying boss in the game with… a pot

Between the optional enemies that populate the caverns, dungeons and other caverns of the underworld, and the big baddies that you absolutely must defeat to progress through the story, you won’t be bored in Elden Ring. Especially when it comes to one boss, which many players struggle with: Malenia, Sword or Miquella. Fortunately, there is a technique to defeat Elden Ring’s most ruthless boss. We explain to you:


  • Bosses who give punches
  • The ice cream tray: a trick sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s
  • How to make glacial pots

Bosses who give punches

Elden Ring: Find out how to defeat the most terrifying boss in the game with... a pot

Everyone knows: As usual with games from the Japanese studio, From Software’s latest title is quite demanding. In Elden Ring, you play as a Shinless who roams the realm of Underworld in search of large runes, the fragments of the Circle of Elden with which he can become the Lord of Elden. To do this you have to face many enemies and other monsters, but especially the descendants of Queen Marika the Eternaldemigods corrupted by the power of runes that can be very, very hard to defeat. Godrick the grafted is one of the first real bosses you encounter, and while the fight can be tough, he is far from the strongest opponent in the game.

Indeed, this title is legally attached to Malenia, sword of Miquella You will have the opportunity to meet her on the sacred tree of Miquella, which she keeps until her twin brother returns. In addition to having a move set devastating and almost unavoidable combos, Malenia can restore her health every time she manages to make a hit, regardless of whether you block her or if she hits one of your summons. She is also capable of inflicting very painful status ailments such as Scarlet Rot and Bleeding. Moreover, the fight against Malenia has two distinct phases, and the empyrean recovers his whole life from one stage to another, which is a real problem. But not as much as Blade Dance, a destructive combo that’s almost unavoidable – we almost said, since there is a miraculous solution to escape it:

Elden Ring: Find out how to defeat the most terrifying boss in the game with... a pot

Malenia’s Blade Dance can be interrupted completely by casting… an ice-cold pot† Indeed, the empyrean is quite sensitive to the change of state To freeze, activating this effect will stun him and end his combo. To take advantage of this, you must be reactive: you only have a limited time to throw a Pot at her, which is when she prepares to perform the combo. At the start of the Blade Dance, Malenia launches into the air, which is exactly when you should throw the Glacial Pot. To reach it, you have to stay very close to it, so stay half way or even closer to make sure you don’t miss it. You will probably need some practice to master the timing, Then don’t hesitate to watch the video of . to consult ToxicBird7 to perfect the technique:

Note, however, that this trick has its limits as it only works twice per battle† Once you cast two Glacial Pots on Malenia, she will develop some resistance to the Freeze effect, which requires you to throw two pots instead of one to re-enable the status effect. Unfortunately, the timing of the Blade Dance attack doesn’t allow for more than one Pot to be thrown, so you’ll need to be strategic and choose the times you want to freeze it. Also keep an eye out for weapons with the same effect or even frost spells, as these can also affect Malenia’s resistance† However, this technique is still useful in that you can avoid a devastating combo, giving you more health, vials, and prevents Malenia from getting hit points back at your expense.

Elden Ring: Find out how to defeat the most terrifying boss in the game with... a pot

There’s no such thing as going to the ice cream parlor here, but rather to get hold of a very specific craftsman guide, which is the Shardstone Craftsman’s Manual (6) To pick it up, you have to go to lurniaand more specifically to Caria Manor, which is located in the northwest of the region. The manual is in a room to the right of the entrance of the mansion. Once this is in your pocket you will need Ritual Potswhich you can find at the following locations:

  • Also find at Caria Manor pidia† This trader is selling 1 Ritual Pot for 1500 runes
  • You can buy 1 Ritual Pot for 3000 runes to the Ascetic merchant’s hutin the necrolimbo
  • If you follow Diallos’ questyou go to Jarrebourgthe village of pots, where you can find 2 Ritual Pots.
  • Meet at Altus plateauand you will find 2 Ritual Pots in the Auriza Auxiliary Tomb

The Ritual Pots in your possession, all you have to do is get your hands on them Frosted Crystal Buttons† You need it two per Glacial Potand you can find them in the Sacred snowy fieldsaround the big tree in the middle of the area, but especially around the white pillars west of the area† Now all you have to do is create Freezing Pots and prepare for battle!

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