Elden Ring, Hide and Seek and PvP: Angry Invaders!

news tip Elden Ring, Hide and Seek and PvP: Angry Invaders!

Let’s talk a little bit about the current state of PvP and invasions on Elden Ring. Indeed, some players try to take advantage of other players’ bloodlust to make a small fortune in runes… we explain everything you need to know about them in our guide!

Elden Ring is a game that certainly offers single player content, but is also a multiplayer game. Besides being able to summon someone to help you, you can also choose to start killing people in their game, but also to be invaded with the tongue of insult. However, some players make use of this item to try and exploit the invaders…Let’s see together what’s going on and think about collect the Deathflowers for very interesting rewards…

Torrent, the game’s mount, is a problem for PvP

Elden Ring, Hide and Seek and PvP: Angry Invaders!

There are players in the Souls series who swear by PvP† Their main in-game activity, after preparing a build with good weapons/spells, is to invade other players to kill them. The rewards aren’t that crazy, but overall it’s mostly fun. However, a novelty from Elden Ring is causing the community to cringe: Torrent, the game’s mount. Yes but…

You will never find me!

The problem actually comes from two game mechanics: how one can choose to be invaded, and the fact that Torrent is usable before the invasion, but not during

To get invaded in the game, one of the solutions is to directly create a multiplayer object called . to use Tongue of mockery, we also explain how to get it here† By using it, you can prepare and continue playing until you are invaded by a player. And therefore use your mount. With which you can go to places that are quite difficult to reach thanks to the double jump…

When you are invaded, Torrent disappears, and neither you nor the enemy can use it for the duration of the invasion. And so, how will the intruder reach a place that requires a double jump? This is the major problem currently encountered, especially since the invasion area is huge and the host can hide in the worst places. And it goes even further when it uses the mimetic veil allowing him to transform into an object and thus try to blend in with the decor. It is also possible to the white ring of incantationso that when the host is invaded, it also summons players to fight the invaders.

The goal, of course, is to collect rewards! Indeed, when an invader dies or leaves, the host is given runes. It is therefore a viable solution to burp while you are away. Especially since the meta now prefers melee builds.

Elden Ring, Hide and Seek and PvP: Angry Invaders!

Now there are solutions to combat AFKs. In particular, by using the dragon spells which allows you to attack by “floating” in the air, but again you have to make sure the host is where you are going to jump. And make sure he’s AFK or else he’ll just have to move and watch you crash to the ground.

We are very curious how the situation will evolve. In the meantime, happy farmers!

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