Elden Ring: The Best of the Worst Community Mods

news tip Elden Ring: The Best of the Worst Community Mods

Love the concept of Elden Ring, but the dark fantasy aesthetic is a little too dark for you? We have the solution for you! A modder imported popular pop culture character models to bring some color to the underworld, and the result is mesmerizing.

A well-researched dark fantasy aesthetic

Elden Ring: The Best of the Worst Community Mods

If you are used to From Software games, you know that the hallmark of the Japanese studio – in addition to the difficulty of the titles – is based on the dark aesthetic that is well entrenched in the genre of dark fantasy† This subgenre of fantasy brings out the pessimistic side of the world it depicts, emphasizing the country’s desolation, the main character’s dejection, and the violence that spreads around him. The formula remains the same for Elden Ringand in addition to the background of a broken kingdom with unsaturated landscapes, players have to deal with monsters as grotesque as deadly

Every detail has been thought through to make anyone who ventures into the realm of the Underworld feel uncomfortable, and while much of the community dark souls and bloodbornethat’s not to say they’re completely impervious to the sometimes nightmarish designs of the Elden Ring creatures.† We think in particular of Godrick the grafted, one of Queen Marika the Eternal’s children, who runs the risk of making dysmorphophobes shiver with her incredible number of members. Insects or crustacean-like monsters are also in the game, and the most sensitive people should probably avoid hanging out too much in Caelid or risk having nightmares.

Another solution to relieve these souls of pain would be to turn to mods:

Elden Ring like you’ve never seen it

If you like the concept of Elden Ring, but the game is a bit too dark for your taste, you will undoubtedly find the work of . appreciate Garden of the Eyes a talented modder who successfully replaced in-game models with pop culture characters. With his latest achievement you can put yourself in the shoes of Geralt of Rivia to explore the Underworld in search of the fragments of the Circle of Elden, as you can see below:

The possibilities of Garden of Eyes don’t stop there though, and he’s not afraid to deviate from the specific Elden Ring aesthetic by adding characters that don’t really belong there. Among them is the famous sonic, reduced to a goat to add some color to the dull landscapes of the underworld. Even Torrent, the main character’s trusty steed, gets his own makeover pulled straight from the world of Toy Story† But the modder has not said his last word and does not hesitate to customize the appearance of the most difficult enemies in the game, as far as transform the tree’s sentry into Shrek, as his horse takes on the features of his best friend the donkey† See for yourself :

Please note that Garden of Eyes made these mods especially for Toasted Shoes – a specialist in let’s play modded – to apply the formula to Elden Ring by taking on the appearance and voice of Homer Simpson to travel through the underworld† If you are interested in these mods you can see them in action in the video header† Unfortunately they are not available for download at the moment, but we invite you to consult Garden of Eyes Patreon Page in case they are posted in the next few days. We will also update this post with download links as needed.

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