Elden Ring: the competition continues, the “demanding” video game was ready in less than ten minutes

Game news Elden Ring: the competition continues, the “demanding” video game was ready in less than ten minutes

The subject of fierce competition among players looking to finish it off as quickly as possible, Elden Ring witnessed a new record this morning. It is the symbolic ten minute threshold that Distortion2 has crossed.

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Elden Ring in less than nine minutes

More than a month and a half after the release of Elden Ring, the competition on the game still hasn’t stopped. This is evidenced by the tenacity of the players who want to finish the game as quickly as possible and each time break a new record: forty minutes, thirty-five, then less than thirty minutes behind… The last one came in last week. to complete the game in less than thirteen minutes since it is Mitchriz getting the record back† It’s not the first attempt since to him we owe a whole series of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice blindfolded

A record that won’t last long as it is Distortion2, creator of content on the game and specializing in speedrunning on Elden Ring, who reclaims the title by completing the game in twelve minutes and thirteen seconds. A feat that does not satisfy him as he puts the cover back this morning and goes under the bar for ten minutes first. He manages to finish the game in eight minutes and 56 seconds

What sorcery is this?

If Distortion2 manages to finish the game in less than ten minutes, it’s thanks to the mechanics of row which allows him to teleport to different places in the game. He provokes himself by parrying and moving but at very specific times† It is therefore very difficult to achieve one, but it is a remarkable regularity to succeed in several. Regularity shown by Distortion2. On this subject, it is the zipper made to reach Hoarah Loux that causes the most problems, as it is necessary to go far enough to kill the boss right away : some terrains are not loaded by the system and therefore cause the bosses to fall… What not to go through the super demanding clashes of the title?

In addition, there are several options that are preferred by the speed runners to complete their attempt. First, Distortion2 repeatedly exits the game to reload it. Why ? Simply because some animations are long and skipped during such manipulation. However, for the speedrun it is: the playing time being counted before the match. A playing time of this morning recorded at 8 minutes and 56 seconds, but which is not the ultimate record. This is evidenced by the mistakes (in his own words) the player has made and his desire to go under seven minutes. So the race is not over yet.

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