Elden Ring, the language of ridicule: how to recover the object to be stormed and win runes?

news tip Elden Ring, the language of ridicule: how to recover the object to be stormed and win runes?

In Elden Ring, a very special object allows you to welcome human invaders into your game that you can kill: the tongue of mockery. We explain how to get it in our complete Elden Ring guide.

Elden Ring is a game that is not “just” a single player game. Indeed, PvE and PvP are 2 components of Souls DNA (aside from Sekiro), and of course you’ll find similar mechanics in Elden Ring. Here’s how to find an item that will help you “welcome” intruders into your game. So prepare your bloody river where your blasphemous knifeHere we go !

The principle of the tongue of ridicule

Elden Ring, the language of ridicule: how to recover the object to be stormed and win runes?

The language of the mockery is used when you are online, ie connected to the Internet, and after consuming a finger remedy (which you can make or find all over the world of Elden Ring). You do this by going through the menu multiplayer by pressing start.

By using the taunt tonguedo you allow players invade† If you win against your invader, you get rewards runes, a finger remedy but also a Runic Arch† It is therefore ideal if you like PvP, and at the same time get useful things in return. But how do you unlock this language? Because yes, it is quite possible to miss it… But rest assured, the object is recoverable for a long time. And worst case scenario, you can recover it during your New Game Plus.

So know that you can get this item quite early in the game, but you will have to face a rather powerful enemy, which you may need to level up a bit before you can run over him. You must first go to the Round tableeither by unlocking grace points on the map either by killing Margaret the fallenso that Melina teleports you to the Round table at the next grace point.

Once there, several trails are at your disposal. Go to the stairs to get to a balcony. Jump down and after a few seconds an enemy yelled Albert the spotter will invade you. You will have to kill him and especially watch his bleeding. Don’t stay too far away because he has a few spells and most importantly, infinite mana! Just observe it from a short distance and punish each attempt with something like a jump attack or a spell. Once dead, he will give you the taunt tongue † Congratulations, now you can make yourself the intruder! However, we warn you that some players use builds that can be very frustrating, not to mention the delays in some games. But you don’t have much to lose by stringing together battles. Try to understand and have fun!

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