Even before coming to Europe, Paramount+ is already approaching 40 million subscribers

While Paramount+ plans to arrive in France by the end of this year, it already has nearly 40 million subscribers. In total, Paramount’s streaming offerings, which include Showtime, exceed more than 60 million customers.

Next to HBO Max, Paramount+ is probably the most promising platform bidding its time before settling in France. Despite an already fully saturated offering, the service of the former ViacomCBS has managed to bring together nearly 40 million subscribers, a year after its launch and exclusively with the US markets. Granted, it took advantage of existing CBS All Access customers, but the Paramount+ revamp felt more like a fresh start than just continuity.

62 million total subscribers

In the first quarter of 2022, as Netflix and others slowed down, Paramount+ gained 6.8 million subscribers. In fact, in the previous quarter, they were 7.3 million to join the ranks of the platform. Figures to add to those of Showtime, also under the auspices of Paramount Global but losing customers, and several other minor services, for a total of 62 million subscribers at the end of the first quarter, all platforms combined. According to varietyin any case, the boss of Paramount Global, Bob Bakish, has reminded that by the summer there should be an application that brings together Paramount + and Showtime – it is this version that we should discover in France.

And right, the company in the mountains told a little more about its expansion plan. As expected, Paramount+ should land in France in the second half of 2022, probably by the end of the year. It will be available in OTT, but also through the Canal+ Ciné Séries offer. It will arrive in June in the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Korea.

Target 100 million

Finally, there was talk of a service we already know here, Pluto TV, launched in France at the beginning of 2021 and working on the AVoD principle, so free but with ads. A platform that would accumulate nearly 68 million active users each month, a figure that has again been steadily rising in recent quarters.

This all adds up to an 82% year-over-year streaming-related revenue growth at Paramount. The targets have therefore been adjusted upwards and are particularly ambitious: no fewer than 100 million subscribers by the end of 2024. Netflix is ​​already experiencing difficulties and sees competition from all sides. And it’s not meant to calm down.