File Explorer, Start menu… Microsoft is packed with new features for Windows 11

Windows 11 is about to be packed with new features, some of which have been a long time coming. As part of an event rather dedicated to its “pro” customers, Microsoft unveiled some developments for its operating system, which should soon be available a priori for all versions of Windows 11. Here’s a summary of the key announcements.

the Start menu will evolve a bit† Microsoft promises a section first ” Our recommendations ” better damn thanks to contextual suggestions, which in particular will integrate the recently changed files in the cloud. Especially in the section ” Pin » the Start menu benefits from application folders, which finally allow you to group all your programs of the same type in the same place. It was time !

Another notable novelty – and which many users eagerly await – this time relates to theExplorer† No more multiple windows where you get lost at the slightest copy and paste: Windows 11’s file manager finally hasbrowsing with tabs

It will also benefit from other refinements: with a right-click it will soon be possible to add a “favorite” label to your most useful files. You will find them as soon as you open File Explorer, in a new section ” Favorites “. Logic.

Instant captioning, focus and new options for video

Windows 11 is inspired by Android’s “instant subtitles” feature and will offer to activate real-time subtitles of all audio and video content containing speech, whatever app you use† A very practical function especially for the hearing impaired, but which can also be useful in other contexts.

“The Concentration Assistant”, until now a bit hidden in the settings, is further highlighted. So you can set a timer where Windows hides all your notifications. One do not disturb mode will also appear.

Finally, Windows 11 will significantly up its game to enhance your long video conferencing sessions, thanks to AI… if your machine supports them.
So the system will natively manage: background noise suppression, background blur and auto crop (a bit like Apple’s Center Stage). Surprisingly, Windows 11 will also be able to use artificial intelligence to automatically maintain visual contact with your interlocutors!

Microsoft has not specified when all of these new features will be available. However, they should land in the coming months.