Fixed gaming PC: this monster with RTX 3080 is on sale

News good plan Fixed gaming PC: this monster with RTX 3080 is on sale

A promotion on a mounted fixed PC, dedicated to gaming, with the famous RTX 3080 is frankly rare. Rue du Commerce offers this machine with a small discount of 100 euros. Given the traits that the beast offers, you can go for the opportunity!

To find a good RTX 3080 for a reasonable price on the market, you will have to have a lot of patience. The lack of components has pushed prices up and the best possible alternative has been to switch to laptops.

Buy the Azhag desktop gaming PC on Rue du Commerce for €2599

And even within the gaming community, many of us would rather invest in a desktop PC than a laptop so that we can customize our machine and make it last longer by replacing parts from time to time.

Rue du Commerce is unbeatable and makes us happy by reducing the price of this PC prepared by them by 100 euros. It is literally a war animal, shown: exceptional performance, and in 4K, and you can afford it for 2599 euros instead of 2699 euros.

All the promises of a PC gamer with an RTX 3080 and Ryzen 7 are here!

For any self-respecting gamer, this PC definitely ticks all the boxes in terms of performance.

He equips himself with Nvidia’s famous RTX 3080, in its overclockable versionand very efficient Ryzen 7 5800X developed by AMD† With his 32GB DDR4 RAMneedless to say, you can play absolutely any game, even the most recent ones!

The SSD that comes with this PC gives you 1TB of storage space and that’s enough for now. The included power supply from Corsair’s TX series ensures that your PC does not heat up as much and uses less power.

On the design side, the Corsair black tempered glass case allows you to properly manage the cooling of the components to avoid damage from overheating, and the water cooling allows you, in addition to effectively guaranteeing the cooling of the machine, to personalize your computer. You can control the 16 RGB LEDs individually to produce spectacular lighting effects.

And thanks iCue software developed by Corsairyou can control the heating status of your bike, adjust the speed of the fans and adjust the lighting of your water cooling system in real time.

On the connectivity side we are in the presence of a PC with 1 HDMI 2.1 4K 60 Hz port, 2 additional HDMI ports are provided with the RTX 3080, 4 DisplayPort, 1 USB type C port, 2 USB 3.2 ports, 2 USB 3.1 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

To integrate this play tower into your interior, you must take into account the dimensions: 453 mm x 230 mm x 466 mm.

This fixed gaming PC assembled and sold by Rue du Commerce is yours for 2599 euros instead of 2699 euros. It is not cheap, we agree, but with such performance you will be sitting still for a long time!

Buy the Azhag desktop gaming PC on Rue du Commerce for €2599

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