Fortnite: goodbye buildings, hello hype

Building at high speed is what Fortnite is all about. Still, it’s his absence that brings Fortnite back to life around the world. By disabling the feature, Epic Games may have found the key to bringing the mobs back to its flagship game. Let’s be clear, Fortnite was never in danger of extinction, but the battle royale started to seriously run out and become mostly elitist, in the sense that it became difficult to have fun without the to build At the fingertips

Streamers and players everywhere are showing their gratitude to Epic Games. The games seem to find real flavor and lead to what made Fortnite the titan it is today: pleasure

Life is more beautiful without construction

Fortnite is starting to get a few years old and logically the level of regular players has skyrocketed. The Battle Royale is no longer about love it or strategy, but especially around your ability to build and craft structures at full speed.

Result: as a beginner or slightly rusty veteran starting a game with 100 players was very unpleasant at the end. You tirelessly fell for a player who had become a master of architecture, cornered you in a box and coolly eliminated you. Not very pleasant we admit, but by putting the construction in the closet at the start of Season 2 of Chapter 3, Epic Games is reshuffling the cards and everyone has a chance again.

Has a build overdose made Fortnite too opaque for casual players? The deep nostalgia that touches the community may stem from the gap that has widened between those who build at full speed and those who stick to the gunner’s side.

Streamers around the world have tried Fortnite again. Ninja and DrDisrespect across the Atlantic, Kameto in France… Find the game the charm of the Golden Age: this beautiful era when no one really knew how to buildand where everyone had a chance to win the famous top 1.

A fleeting dream?

Originally, Fortnite “without construction” was supposed to last only a handful of days, at the start of the current season 2. Then, on paper, this mode is destined to become an additional game mode, to differentiate itself from the Battle Royale. It’s just hard to imagine how such a success could be brushed aside so quickly.

Scenario speaking, it is the IO (the villains of the season, editor’s note) that is at the root of this deactivation of the constructs. The Seven’s technology should soon make them possible again.

Epic Games is currently having to crack their brains to keep this mode that is so much fun, and especially the one the player base

The fashion
The “no construction” mode would be temporary, but given its success, Epic games could at least make it permanent.

The pros, on the floor again

Everyone swears by the “no-build” battle royale more, but it’s worth remembering that Epic Games didn’t dare to remove the feature from competitive modes. Arena and tournaments still rely heavily on builds. That’s why we have a two-speed season: on the one hand, casual players have a great time playing “unranked”, on the other hand, competitors are re-starting a season with a very questionable meta (lots of PM spam). Not to mention the casual players who loved building and who are torn between the two.

Behind what would initially be just a short-lived game adaptation, the challenge for Epic Games will be a huge one. Will the publisher keep its course “with the build up” at the risk of losing this influx of new players? Or will he change the paradigm and rein in the constructs, at the risk of taking away the game that made it original?

Fortnite has been temporarily stripped of constructions and is looking at streamers again. Kameto rebooted some of BR’s games, but Kcorp’s CEO was forced to put a toxic player in his place.

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