Gran Turismo 7: He completes 200 laps on the longest track in the game, here’s the time he spent there

Game News Gran Turismo 7: He completes 200 laps on the longest track in the game, here’s the time he spent there

31 hours of racing in a row, that’s what a player got on Gran Turismo 7. 200 laps on the longest and most complicated circuit in the game: the Nürgurbring circuit in Germany. A feat that the player would be happy to repeat.


  • “31 hours of play”
  • “I had too much free time”

“31 hours of play”

It is one of the most famous circuits in the world: the Nürburgring circuit in Germany is known for its length and complexity. 20 km of junctions and curves more difficult than the others and therefore a perfect circuit for motorsport enthusiasts. A plot they can find in the Gran Turismo 7 from Polyphony Digital. The Nürburgring, whose laps average between 8 and nine minutes, often becomes a challenge for many players in the community. For example, Drew Hanslow completed 200 laps in 27 hours (with small breaks) on the circuit that in GT Sports† During this experience, he collected donations for an association that organizes driving experiences for children and adults with disabilities.

A repeated success at the start of the week with the latest version of Gran Turismo. It is certain reddit that the user firefox_gaming7 shared his achievement: Completed 200 laps on the Nürbrugging, with average laps between 09 and 10 minutes. In all, he swallowed 31 hours of racing to do them. 42,000 credits have been awarded to him.

“I had too much free time”

How could he do this? With toilet breaks, eating with energy drinks… but above all time: “I had too much free timeYet he almost gave up at the “around round 60“. But also around lap 110 where he almost fell asleep. In spite of everything, the project did not deter him and thanks to his Aston Martin V8 Vantage Gr.4 he went to the end. This topic he even says that he is ready to repeat the matter.

What’s going on if it’s not in the Gran Turismo news? After the problematic update that was rolled out in March, Polyphony Digital seems to be back on track. The latest patch, implemented on April 25, contains three new cars, a new layout and many improvements for the comfort of the game† Improvements that have certainly been very helpful for firefox_gaming7 during his performance.

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