GTA 5: How did Rockstar make Dr. Dre convinced?

Game News GTA 5: How did Rockstar make Dr. Dre convinced?

Rockstar members and relatives of Dr. Dre recount how the legendary producer and rapper agreed to be included in the game.

GTA 5: How did Rockstar make Dr.  Dre convinced?

During an interview for American media BET Music, Rob Nelson, director of development at Rockstar North, and DJ Pooh, producer and rapper as well as creative advisor for GTA 5told how dr. Dre was convinced to be included in the game.

dr. Dre didn’t want to “do things for the kids”

GTA 5: How did Rockstar make Dr.  Dre convinced?

dr. Dre took center stage in The Contract’s content expansion from GTA Online. But the legendary producer clearly wasn’t not very inclined to be added to the game at the beginning. Rapper, producer and game creative consultant DJ Pooh tells BET Music how Dre had a vague idea of ​​his addition to a video gamemainly because it clearly unfamiliar with GTA

At first he just said “No,” but that’s the normal response you get from Dre. Dre is not a gamer. He just hadn’t played a single game. It’s not like he hated them or anything, he just didn’t play them. He thought, “I don’t do things for children.”

GTA 5: How did Rockstar make Dr.  Dre convinced?

The sentiment of Dr. Dre is visible… changed when he saw the game, after DJ Pooh took his PlayStation home. the realization of wealth of gtaof the place of music in the game and in history of the franchise, and realizing it’s a adult gameDre was convinced. It also seems that the popularity of the saga and its commercial success jeopardized

He was blown away. He didn’t know you could do all that. He was like, “this shit is awesome” watching me drive around in a lowrider. He saw me change the rims on the car, get into a gunfight, hang out with my friends.

GTA 5: How did Rockstar make Dr.  Dre convinced?

As a true fan of the franchise and Rockstar games, DJ Pooh has therefore introduced his friend Dre to the joys of gaming and these games in particular. He compares publisher Rockstar to legendary music label Def Jam

Rockstar reminds me of Def Jam back then. It was the time when you took a record to the store and bought it just because it had the Def Jam logo on it. You knew it would be quality, right? You knew it was going to be cool. You knew you wouldn’t be disgusted. That’s how I saw Rockstar games and their quality.

GTA 5: How did Rockstar make Dr.  Dre convinced?

Once Dre was convinced, it was precisely the turn of the Rockstar executives and developers know what to do† An icon like Dre is for so many players, don’t can’t just be an anecdotal additionbecause that would certainly have disappointed players more than not seeing him in the game at all. Rob Nelson, Director of Development at Rockstar North, explains: what this meant for the development team to have Dre in GTA 5:

He had to be fully integrated for it to make sense, and we wanted to make sure his music had the impact it deserved. We wondered how we can integrate Dre into this experience at all levels, and how can we get there in a way that makes it believable and fun? So we literally built the game around him, not just his music.

Thus the content of The Contract was born and we ended with dr. Dre has a prominent place in this part of GTA Online.

GTA 5: How did Rockstar make Dr.  Dre convinced?

GTA 5 is available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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