GTA Online: is a major map update to be expected? A leak seems to suggest this

news tip GTA Online: is a major map update to be expected? A leak seems to suggest this

Talking about GTA Online again. A leak seems to have caught the attention of the community, and that’s not the least: a leaker announced that an expansion of the map of the online mode of Grand Theft Auto V is imminent. Something to ask questions about the future of the game!

While an improved version of Grand Theft Auto V just landed on the next-gen consoles, new rumors come to sow discord with the fans† According to a known leaker in the community, GTA 5’s online mode should get a major update this summer† As a reminder, this game mode allows you to play online as part of Los Santos, all in multiplayer. GTA Online has already received new things when launching the native versions of the game on playstation5 and Xbox Seriesincluding the Career Builder tool, which is supposed to boost new players by giving them money and allowing them to choose a profession† While the next installment of the GTA license is in full development, the wave of new players that coincides with the launch of the next-gen versions of GTA 5 seems new ideas at Rockstar Games regarding multiplayer mode:


  • A big leak
  • Can we believe it?

A big leak

GTA Online: is a major map update to be expected?  A leak seems to suggest this

A few days ago, a Portuguese leaker known in the GTA community for predicting important announcementssuch as the release of the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer on PlayStation 5 and even the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Certainly nintendo switch made a rather curious statement last year. In fact, matheusvictor claims that GTA Online will receive a remarkable update this summer, which will expand the map to include Liberty City, the iconic city of Grand Theft Auto III

As you can see, Matheusvictor punctuates his tweet with an emoji of the Statue of Liberty† You probably already know this, but similar to Los Santos which is based in Los Angeles, Liberty City is based on New York City and features a modified version of the Statue of Liberty† Unfortunately, the leaker has not released more information about the nature of this extension, ie whether the players would be able to explore the whole city or if it were more than one series of quests that would take them to a particular location.

Can we believe it?

GTA Online: is a major map update to be expected?  A leak seems to suggest this

As for the credibility of this leak, it is possible that it is a total hoax, but some points may come true† Specifically, the fact that an update will take place this summer cannot be ruled out as the developers tend to release two major patches per year for GTA Online, although most of them only include new weapons, missions and cars† So far only the update of Cayo Perico in December 2020 gave players a new explorable area. However, the logistics related to this potential map expansion remain rather murky, and Matheusvictor’s information was not always correct† Moreover, with the development of the sixth opus of the license in full swing, it is quite unlikely that the team taking care of GTA Online has the resources needed to carry out such a large project.

And you, what do you think of this rumor? Info or intoxication? Would you like to take another tour of Liberty City or would you rather discover new places? Tell us everything in the comments!

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