Halo Infinite: With this mod you will play Halo like never before!

Game News Halo Infinite: With this mod you will play Halo like never before!

The Halo franchise has tested several gameplay elements throughout its history. But a modder just did something we hadn’t seen before: turn it into a TPS.

Halo Infinite: With this mod you will play Halo like never before!

What could be one more important counterpoint in the Halo saga, than turning it into a TPS † Anyway, this is what Lush haloa mud that a . has released third person mod for Halo Infinite

Halo in TPS…and it looks good!

Converting an FPS into a TPS is quite a challenge† Indeed, you might be afraid of many elements of one genre that might not fit well in another. In an FPS we generally only see hands, weapon and feet of his character. The animations of a TPS are therefore very different and must think of the whole body of the character. No worries in this mod, which definitely takes advantage of the fact that Halo is a multiplayer game, so the base game is designed so that your character can be seen by another player. In addition, the base game allows you to: view your character in third person using a turret† These elements of the base game, added to the talent mud jobmake sure this mod in TPS looks really good despite the risks of such a change.

A campaign-exclusive mod

The other fear we could have had, going from an FPS to a TPS, is at the target level, which is by definition very different. The result on the mod is not perfect, with a rather imposing viewfinder, but it seems that the agility is at the rendezvousthat is the most important.

note that the mod will only work in the title campaign mode for now† On the other hand, to run it, it must be installed after installing another mod. This is Infinite Runtime Tag Viewer that allows you to find the list of your mods and load them, but also to support some specific Halo mods like Opulent Halo’s mode. Finally, note that when the mod is on you can’t go back to first person† For that, the game must be restarted by deactivating it.

  • Mod “All Campaign Weapons 3rd Person”, the mod of Opulent Halo to play in the third person
  • Mod “Infinite Runtime Tag Viewer”

Halo Infinite on PC, Xbox Series and Xbox One since December. Mods are available on the PC version.

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