“I’m really bad at video games,” says Alexclick, the streamer with tens of millions of views on Twitch

at 36, Alexclick is now one of the best-known video game streamers in France. Very followed on the networks, the one Miguel plays in the gta game is defined as a entertainer† The native Nantes is also hyperactive, for whom the projects are endless. Maintenance.

Alexclick, today you are a streamer. What was your background before you started on Twitch in particular?

I had a dual career: on the one hand, my passion for acting. I put together a first one man show that was beyond mediocre! On the other hand, I studied communication. I worked for several companies and then I started my own company. When I arrived in Nantes, I was offered to work in communications for a telecom company, but first work on a telephone for six months to better understand how it works. I lived in hell for six months and in the end I got nothing. Psychically, I burst!

Which means ?

I took a break and started making little videos on the internet, commenting on them Computer Games with a friend. It’s been almost ten years. There weren’t that many people on YouTube back then. Nowadays we are migrating more and more towards twitch† Initially it was purely a hobby to fill in my work break.

You are now very present on Twitch with GTA RP (role playing). Describe your job as a streamer…

Video games are still the best-selling entertainment product in the world. So there is a whole economy behind it. Twitch has opened a lot. There was an explosion at the time of the Covid, because people were not doing anything at home. But people don’t necessarily come for video games. Honestly, I’m really bad at video games, people come to me for the animation, for the entertainment side. Some people tell me: “Watching RP, it’s kind of my best life”. Today I also guide companies in the work of live on Twitch. I also do product placement in my life. I’m not hiding it. It’s like on a TV channel with commercials.

Alexclick – Alexclick

But suddenly, what is a streamer anyway?

That’s six or seven professions! I stream 25-30 hours a week. But it’s not asking, put on a microphone, cameras and off you go. You should already know if you’re here because you’re good at video games or because you’re a entertainer† It is then a lot of work to stay with your community. I make money from people who subscribe to my channel. But it is mainly this visibility that allows me to sell products as an afterthought. I also have my clothing brand. I was very careful that these clothes didn’t look too crazy.

What do you mean, too “geeky”?

I hate that we just see a nerd through the glasses, with the t-shirt crooked, who can’t express himself and who has no friends. Because it’s wrong. On the internet, people have lives, families, professions.

In particular, you play with your character Miguel in GTA. How do you envision your character’s story?

I use everything I learned at the base as an actor and then as a screenwriter. When I made Miguel, for example, he has a whole bible, a story, like when you make a TV series. Miguel already existed in my head, I had to write him down afterwards, make a complete file on him. Then you play that character live on Twitch. On my server we play with 700 other people. So you don’t choose everything because you have people in front of you. And that’s what’s great!

Do you feel like the standard for streamers at 36?

I think I’m one of those with the oldest communities. I’m a bit atypical, out of the picture. And then I have a lot of activities, I find it hard not to have a lot of projects. Because my first job is not to be a streamer. So in the beginning I also had to catch up with a video game culture that I didn’t necessarily have. I had the basics, but…

One of your side activities was making a comic strip about Miguel…

The comic was released last February† I take projects as they come and as they please me. Now I don’t know how long this will last. For my first year I did the Angoulême festival. It was a little crazy!

Streamer, father, entrepreneur… Are you hyperactive?

Yeah totally! I have also been a volunteer firefighter in the Nantes region for three years. I am very proud to be a part of it, even though I have to shut down this activity for a year. I’m tired of it because it’s a real passion for me. And then you can keep your feet on the ground, whatever your job is. My little troubles on Twitch are nothing when I’m doing CPR for a while.

firefighter alexclick
Alexclick firefighter – Alexclick

Do you have other ongoing projects?

Currently I am in the process of acquiring a new studio, to start a new life. I would also like to start a series on Miguel’s dark side. This is a project I promised during the Z-Event and I try to fulfill all my obligations. I’m also working on part 2 of the comic book. Here I am freer than on Twitch, where I am in pure improv theater all the time. But playing Miguel is fun!

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