iPhone supports ID card in digital format

In the US, especially Arizona, iPhone and Apple Watch users can now add their driver’s license to the Maps app. So you don’t have to grab your wallet during a security check on a highway or at the airport. Apple plans to roll out the feature to other states across the country soon.

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Source: Apple

Apple announced it in 2020, his Maps application will eventually be able to integrate his user passport and driver’s license† Things picked up pace at WWDC last year, when the Cupertino company showed a first glimpse of the feature† Today seems to be the big day. In Arizona, iPhone and Apple Watch owners can now integrate their driver’s license and identity card into their Maps application.

The feature is available on iPhone 8 and laterprovided you have installed the update iOS 15.4as well as on the top Apple Watch Series 4 minimum runs at least on watchOS 8.4. Currently, Arizona is the only region in the world with access. To add your documents, click the + button at the top right, select “Driving license and identity card” and follow the app instructions.

Apple adds ID cards and driver’s licenses to the Maps app

To verify his identity, the user must: take a picture of his face and perform different head movements before scanning the front and back of their identity card and/or driver’s license. This data is then sent to the state administration for verification. Once added, it is possible to access the documents directly from their iPhone or Apple Watch. These devices are sufficient for: scan them during the security checkfor example at the airport.

On the same topic: Europe describes its driver’s license and identity card project on smartphones

Apple Subscriptions “to integrate identity documents into Maps for all users in the United States” in the coming months, citing Colorado, Mississippi and Ohio in particular. However, the manufacturer has not indicated whether the functionality will be deployed in other countries. So it will have to be patient for a while before you see it land in France.

Source: Apple

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