Kirby and the Forgotten World: Our video test between Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey

Game News Kirby and the Forgotten World: Our video test between Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey

Kirby gets a bit of a makeover by finally moving to real 3D. So Nintendo has dropped its 2D platforms to offer us more open and varied levels. As you will have understood, this new opus is more ambitious and complete. It will be out on March 25 exclusively for Nintendo Switch and the least we can say is that the game is highly anticipated. After all, Nintendo’s promises are enough to make this Kirby look like the ultimate opus of the license. But is this really so?

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Kirby at the Waddle Dees

While Kirby lived his quiet life on Planet Pop, he was sucked into a strange black hole toward the Forgotten World. And he doesn’t have time to say phew, that he’s already thrust into a new adventure against an evil entity. The Waddle Dees of this world need him to find their comrades and rid their land of this evil.

A successful transition to 3D

Do you want color? Well, you’re being served. The Forgotten World has this little childish and colorful side that will make your eyes shine. Whether you prefer green plains, vast expanses of sea or post-apocalyptic city such as The Last of Us, you will be served. There is something for everyone and no level is like the last. So yes, the pronounced aliasing stings a bit, but overall the game is beautiful and you’ll want to get lost. Technically, the only point that really makes you cringe is the 30 FPS. Indeed, Kirby drags a bit with the dough, and it can be quite frustrating at times. But otherwise this transition to 3D is more than successful, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.

The meeting between Kirby and Super Mario 3D World

We immediately put your big dreams of Kirby in the open world at the super mario odyssey† With its central hub and linear levels, the title is closer than a Super Mario 3D World So it’s not as open as one might think. But this minor disappointment outweighs the mastery Nintendo has shown. The levels are rhythmic, varied and enjoyable to explore traditional Kirby gameplay, very well adapted to 3D.

The latter was entitled to a small facelift with the arrival of Transmorphism. This ability allows Kirby to enclose certain objects to use them to open a new path or attack his enemies. Besides the switch to 3D, this is THE great novelty of this opus. And she is very well brought. The transformations are surprising and complicate Kirby’s gameplay on all levels. And the discovery of this lasts until the end of the game. In this way we get a surprising title from start to finish that does not fall into fatigue and exaggerated repetition.

But Kirby isn’t giving up on his traditional gifts of imitation. We find emblematic powers of the license. Sword attacks and throwing bombs are indeed part of the game. Something new: you can upgrade these powers in the Waddle Dee Armory. So they will be more powerful but above all different, just to vary the gameplay a bit. But this Kirby doesn’t just make new from old.

There are indeed two new exclusive powers. The Drill and the Explorer come in and it feels good. The first is particularly well thought out and allows you to explore new horizons of gameplay. You will have understood that this Kirby is somewhere between tradition and novelty in terms of transformation. And the developers have struck the right balance to appeal to both license fans and novices alike.

But what are these powers for? Well, if they allow you to unlock certain passages, it is mainly a means of defending yourself against your attackers, and especially the bosses. You will run into little ones about the levels, but it is mainly the bosses that interest us. Don’t expect hours of tryhard like in Elden Ring. It’s a Kirby and the difficulty is not very high even in hurricane mode. The bosses aren’t disinterested, but if you’re looking for challenges, you won’t find them here, at least not at first. Kirby is a game aimed at kids too, and it shows.

A game for children?

The same goes for the screenplay, by the way, which has a little childish side that can annoy more than one. The story is also quite classic and without great narrative stakes. Nevertheless, the mainframe is still humorous and even surprisingly surprising.

As complete as Super Mario Odyssey?

Keep in mind that you need about ten hours to overcome it. And yes, Kirby commits, it’s a pretty short game. Nevertheless, you can double up by exploring the extensive content of Kirby and the Forgotten WorldFirst of all, there are the missions that invite you to restart a level and explore it from top to bottom to get 100%. And then each world is also filled with alternate levels called the “Treasure Routes”. Timed challenges that take advantage of each power’s specificities can be a bit difficult at times. What a change of scenery and accentuates the gaming experience a bit more between two main levels.

But that is not everything ! The village of Waddle Dee has many things to show you in addition to the arsenal. Between the shops, the vending machines and the erudite Waddle Dee you’ll have enough little things to discover to get closer to 100% (or just the end of the game). The village is also the perfect place for a short break with various mini-games. Sure, they don’t revolutionize much, but are still pretty nice. And if you want to hit even more bosses, head to the Colosseum to confront your enemies in the chain again.

Also note that the game has a local co-op mode. But it is more aimed at parents who want to accompany their children on the adventure. Indeed, with two, the game becomes way too easy for regular players. Nevertheless, the coop works well for this use and the Bandana Waddle Dee even offers slightly more interesting gameplay than, say, a Cappy. But unfortunately he is not very free from his movements.

Dear Kirby?

Kirby and the Forgotten World is THE big surprise this month-end, and it feels right. Kirby regains his letters of nobility and comes to excite the giants of Nintendo. For a first real transition to 3D, the result is quite astonishing. The game is certainly a bit short and easy, but otherwise it ticks almost all the boxes. Fun, rhythmic and surprising, it’s hard to let go of this colorful universe once you’ve got your hands on the console. Kirby has finally found THE right formula to become one of the new mainstream references in video games. And that is why it fully deserves its excellent 17 out of 20.

Kirby and the Forgotten World: Our video test between Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey

Pre-order Kirby and the Forgotten World on Amazon

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