LoL: The community has chosen the easiest champion in the game

While players are now accustomed to almost always seeing a new mechanism appearing with each new champion, they often prove to be complex to make the most of.There can be many discussions about which champion is the hardest to control. Some will talk about Aphelios, whose weapons you have to constantly juggle, others about Viego, which requires a very good knowledge of the game to make good use of the powers recovered through the passive, while others will talk more old school about Lee Sin, Azir or Draven. But today the question asked was quite the opposite, and it was the easiest champion to understand that was: chosen

Simplicity, sobriety, efficiency

In the end, it was the Martial Maiden who got the easiest character title in the game. None of her spells are difficult for opponents to understand, and anyone who encounters her for the first time will quickly understand how she works. The Boomerang Blade is a classic back-and-forth damage-dealing spell found in many video games. The Ricochet, meanwhile, allows attacks to bounce off various targets, and the animation is large enough to be readable even by neophytes. Finally, the only spell that beginners have a hard time understanding is Magic Shield, but in general the beginner just won’t see this spell also restore mana to Sivir as he progresses. He himself will still understand that he is allowing Sivir to protect himself from an enemy ability.

League of Legends

Be careful though, simplicity of understanding doesn’t necessarily mean the champion is easy to play, nor a noob character. Sivir remains complicated to exploit perfectly as he can leave his team in difficult situations. In addition, its ultimate requires excellent spell reading, in order to be used at the best time. Even today, she continues to fly under the radar of Riot reworks and regularly appears in the pro scene. Like what, a simple kit is not necessarily useless, even at the highest level.

Honorable Mentions

Despite everything, the Martial Maiden is not without rivals. One of the first that comes to mind is undoubtedly Master Yi, often touted as the ultimate noob champion. While his gear is also relatively easy to understand, many of his spells require double reading. A neophyte can’t guess that Yi’s healing also increases his armor and magical resistance, nor can he guess that the ultimate makes him immune to slowing effects. The other champion to mention is Malphite, who also remains easy to understand and anticipate. Of course, a beginner will be surprised several times by the range of the ultimate, and even experienced players can be fooled by a flash + ultimate combo. Here, the advantage for Malphite mainly comes from the fact that he can come from anywhere, and so a novice player may have a hard time understanding when he wasn’t careful and took the step too far.

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G2 Esport’s coronation at the LEC is also a bit like that of the Karmine Corp vibrating for the Belgian Support Targamas, which was successfully passed by KC. With some ultras proclaiming the team the LEC’s Official League of Legends Talent Provider, it’s time to check it all out.

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