LoL: The MMO Set In Runeterra Has “No Guarantee To Come Out”

Game news LoL: The MMO Set In Runeterra Has “No Guarantee To Come Out”

Expected by many LoL fans and more generally fans of the universe, the role-playing game in the world of Runeterra has no guarantee of release according to the words of the main producer.


  • “You don’t know until you know”
  • A huge universe that is expanding enormously

“You don’t know until you know”

First formalized at the end of 2020, Riot’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game is making headlines again. As for his announcement, it is always Greg Street who communicates about the MMORPG under development in the studios of the creator of League of Legends† Greg Street, former Age of Empires game designer and former lead system designer secure World of Warcraftposted a tweet that failed to reassure players about the state of the game:

There is no guarantee that the game will be released. We’re optimistic, but you won’t know until you know. Assuming the game comes out, this will be the third major franchise I’ve worked on, and probably the last. And that’s fine with me. It will be a good conclusion.

In response to these comments, fans are necessarily concerned. A concern always tempered by Greg Street, who points out that “things are going well, but the expectations of Riot and players are high

A huge universe that is expanding enormously

LoL: The MMO set in Runeterra has no

Project F

It’s not for nothing that we can estimate that the ambition to turn the entire universe of Runeterra (13 regions, 159 champions in League of Legends, etc.) into an MMO on the scale of a World of Warcraft is terrifying. † A desire shown since 2019 and the tenth anniversary of League of Legends: on this occasion Riot announced the card game Legends of Runeterracalled the mobile version of LoL wild canyon as well as other projects. Among them, Project A is known today as: Valorant but does not take place in the Runeterra universe. Conversely, these are the Project F and Project Lrespectively hack’n’slash and versus fighting, which are also expected.

In addition to the games developed by Riot, three productions have recently served to expand the universe of LoL. We are of course thinking of Arcane, the Netflix series by the French from Fortiche, which was a hit at the ”Annie Awards”† There are also games Devastated King and Hextech Mayhem, two games published by Riot that feature League of Legends champions at the heart of their story. In this regard, other projects are also underway and expected before 2022: Conv/Regency features Ekko in a 2D platform game, while Song of Nunu places Nunu and Willump in an action/adventure game.

In any case, the program is more than loaded on the Riot side to expand Runeterra’s universe. A close schedule, the first phase of which should start in May: it is on the side of the card game Legends of Runeterra that sees an overhaul of its PvE mode with a version 2.0.

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