Mini Led: everything you need to know about the technology you should (definitely) have on your TV in 2022

TCL presents its new range of televisions equipped with Mini Led technology, of which it is the inventor. With the promise of ever deeper blacks and ever brighter colors. Back to this technology that takes the best of OLED and LCD.

The word compromise is certainly not part of TCL’s vocabulary. Less than three years after the launch of the first TV with Mini Led technology… which its competitors are now trying to replicate, the manufacturer continues to improve this revolutionary concept

Contrast and depth of black worthy of OLED

The Mini LED is so acclaimed because it makes it possible to achieve a level of contrast and a depth of blacks previously reserved only for OLED displays, while providing the brightness and rich colors specific to LCD TVs. In short, the best of all worlds, made possible thanks to this smart technology, which overcomes the main limitation of LCD screens, which is their inability to produce deep blacks.

Indeed, on conventional screens, the rear panel of the television is lined with 200 to 300 LEDs, which light up more or less depending on the light intensity of the scene. Thanks to technology local dimmingnow present on all televisions, they are grouped in independent areas, which improves the contrast: the black areas are simply off, to avoid a halo of light.

Zoom in on a mini LED integrated in the new TCL C83 and C93 series televisions

On the left, the TCL-designed mini LED measures less than a millimeter in diameter. On the right a conventional LED.

In theory, because in practice the low number of groups of LEDs harms the reproduction of the deepest blacks, especially in highly contrasting areas. But thanks to the Mini Led, everything changes. Their small size, less than a millimeter in diameter, makes it possible to place a very large number of them, while the surface of the dim

A mature technology launched in 2019

Launched in 2019, the TCL X10 and the first television equipped with this technology, thus integrated 15,360 mini-LEDs for 768 zones of dimie 50 to 70 times more than on a conventional LCD TV. Two years later, the TCL X925 displays an 8K display… 96,000 mini-LEDs! This not only provides an incredible level of contrast, but also reduces the blooming, this luminous halo that floods the most lit areas. This phenomenon is all the more controlled because the shape of the mini-LEDs used by TCL in its products ensures that the light in the form of a halo is distributed throughout the diode in a uniform and progressive way. Unlike competing technologies, the light diffuses naturally, avoiding almost any glow effect around text on a black background, for example.

Illustration of the backlight operation of a TV equipped with Mini Led TCL OD Zero technology.

With its technology ODZeroTCL knows how to reduce the distance between the LEDs and the LCD panel to 0 millimeters.

Without yet reaching the absolute blacks specific to OLED, the Mini Led offers an extremely convincing display. And above all, the brightness is exceptional, thanks to the integration of an exclusive technology on the TCL X925: the ODZero† Indeed, the manufacturer has managed to reduce the distance between the LEDs and the LCD panel to 0 millimeters (against an average of 10 to 15 mm). As a result, not only does the screen display unparalleled finesse, but the brightness reaches the dizzying level of 2,000 cd/m² and a contrast of 10 million to one! And that’s not all.

TCL C83 and C93 Series: A New Generation of Mini LED TVs

All TCL Mini LED televisions are equipped with QLED technology. It is a film covered with tens of millions of semiconductor nanocrystals, commonly called quantum dots, that have the ability to re-emit the light they receive with greater intensity, at wavelengths and thus specific colors. In combination with the image processor – a real artificial intelligence (AI) that is constantly updated – this technology guarantees a perfect image reproduction.

The TCL C83 television, product visual

The new range of TCL C83 televisions benefits from the marriage of Mini LED and QLED technologies.

For example, the new TCL Mini Led QLED series C83 and C93 televisions show 97% of the DCI-P3, the colorimetric space of digital cinema! And good news, you’ll soon have the chance to judge the formidable capabilities of these new televisions for yourself. Available in 65 and 75 inches (165 to 190 cm diagonally, €1,899 for the 65C935 and €2,799 for the 75C935) and in 55 inches (140 cm) for the C83 series (from €1,299 to €2,299), they are available for pre-order since April 12

And good news: until May 10th, these new TCL televisions will all benefit froma refund offer up to €200† A really good plan for those who want to equip themselves with a state-of-the-art Mini Led television without breaking the bank.

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