NASA tries to understand what’s wrong with its space probe

The Voyager 1 probe was launched 44 years ago and continues its journey through interstellar space. But the NASA revealed on Twitter on Thursday that she was investigating “a mystery” related to the famous space probe.

Voyager 1 is 23.3 billion kilometers from Earth, but this distant distance does not prevent it from transmitting valuable scientific data. The engineers of the American space agency can also continue to send him assignments to carry out. But they currently have a problem with the AACS (for “attitude articulation and control system”). This device allows to control the orientation of the probe, explains: numberama, but also to direct the antenna. Indeed, this should always be aimed at our planet.

Not a serious problem

“All signs point to AACS still working, but the telemetry data it returns is invalid,” NASA discovered. This problem has not had any serious consequences so far. The fail-safe system is not activated. In this case, only the probe’s primary activities would be operational. NASA was pleased to see that “Voyager 1’s signal also did not weaken, suggesting that the high-gain antenna remains in the prescribed direction with the Soil

The engineers continue with their exams. In the meantime, they adapt. Given the distance between Voyager 1 and the base, it takes two days for an order to ship and receive. NASA is well aware that the probe is approaching 45 years of age and could fall to break down at all times.