Nintendo Switch: This 18/20 rated game is at a bargain price!

News good deal Nintendo Switch: This 18/20 rated game is at a bargain price!

This is an exclusive Nintendo Switch that we present to you! A game that was released in October 2019, incidentally on the occasion of Halloween, and which already enjoys a solid reputation! Here, at the editorial, we liked it so much it was rated 18/20. Something tells us that vacuum cleaner lovers will fall in love…

Luigi’s Mansion 3: A triple-A game at a discounted price on Rakuten!

You may have discovered the Luigi’s Mansion license before with the first two works released on Gamecube and Nintendo 3DS respectively. Since October 31, 2019 it is possible to play the latest title in the saga on your Nintendo Switch! For those who still don’t own this game, know that you can get it on Rakuten for the really bargain price of 43 Euros, while other retailers usually run around 50 Euros – 60 Euros.

Buy Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Rakuten for €43

Luigi’s Mansion 3: what is the game about?

You play as Luigi, Mario’s twin brother, who wanders around a haunted house equipped with his famous vacuum cleaner. You’ll be asking us what Luigi is doing in a place like this, because let’s face it: no one would think of spending their summer vacation in a haunted house!

We will, Luigi’s legendary bad luck will have played tricks on him again and this time our mustache in green overalls just fell into the trap (again)!

In Luigi’s Mansion 3 you will therefore try to escape from the mansion equipped with your vacuum cleaner to catch the ghosts that get in your way† Fortunately, a certain mad scientist has improved your vacuum cleaner and you are helped by a brand new character, Gooigi, who will enrich the gameplay of the game.

The game is full of all kinds of puzzlesand if you are motivated and critical enough, you may be able to collect all gems scattered around the mansion

Enjoy Luigi’s Mansion 3 from €43 on Rakuten!

As we mentioned above, we editorial tested it when it was released and we liked the game so much that we gave it an excellent score of 18/20!

the opinion of


Luigi’s Mansion 3 is clearly the best episode of the series, takes over the atmosphere of the first opus and offers many unforgettable moments that we don’t want to reveal to you. If you’re into a bit of Nintendo humor and exploration, you can’t be disappointed with what already presents itself as one of the best games of the year!

For more information about Luigi’s Mansion 3, check out the full test about her.

Buy Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Rakuten for €43

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